About Jay



Who is Jay

Visionary| Writer| Cosmic Butterfly

I am a student of Life, Constantly learing & evolving .Striving to be the change that I desire to see in the universe by creating and fearlessly spreading art, light, and knowledge that I’ve gain from personal experiences in life.

My Purpose:

I wanted to create a space where I  can vent freely without feeling judged. Each category is a mechanism that I use in my daily life on my journey of Self-Love, Inner Peace and Healing. Not only am I speaking the truths that I needed to hear, I’m also letting my reader know that they’re not alone by giving them a Doses of Jay  (me).

Je’Kia isn’t always strong or confident, I have my moments where I feel like giving up. The difference between who I used to be is the fact that I’ll never cheat myself or the universe by giving up. I’m and outline of who I used to be, constantly evolving steadily evolving, here to let you all know that I’ve been where you are and I’ve gotten through it and so can you! Just like you visit the Doctor for a Dose of good news/medication, I want all who interacts with my blog to receive a Doses of Love, Light, Hope, Encouragement, Motivation and Most importantly a Real Dose of Jay.

“It’s not always about where you’ve been, but how far you’re willing to go that makes the journey worthwhile.” – I said this.

Visionary Doses From Your Cosmic Butterfly with Vibes Like 90’s R&B,

Je’Kia Willis


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