About Jay



Who is Jay

Visionary| Writer| Cosmic Butterfly

I am a student of Life, Constantly Learning & Evolving. Striving to be the change that I desire to see in the universe by creating and fearlessly spreading art, light, and knowledge that I’ve gain from personal experiences in life.

My Purpose:

The Light, The Soil & The Rain. Each category is a mechanism that I use in my daily life on my journey of Self-Love, Inner Peace and Healing. Not only am I speaking the truths that I needed to hear, I’m also letting my reader know that they’re not alone by giving them a Doses of Jay  (me).

I’m not always strong or confident, I have my moments where I feel like giving up. The difference between who I used to be and who I’m becoming is, the fact that I’ll never cheat myself or the universe by giving up. I’m here to let you all know that I may been where you are, I’ve gotten through it and so can you! Just like you visit the Doctor for a Dose of good news/medication, I want all who interacts with my blog to receive Doses of Love, Light, Hope, Encouragement, Motivation and Most importantly a Real Dose of Jay.

“It’s not always about where you’ve been, but how far you’re willing to go that makes the journey worthwhile.” – I said this.

Visionary x Cosmic Butterfly x Creative 

Je’Kia Willis


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