Finding Peace & Happiness

For a while I didn’t understand the importance of finding peace and happiness within myself. I spent most of my time helping those around me find those things in themselves, I don’t regret that in the least bit, because knowing that I am capable of making someone else happy brings me some joy. I had to learn not to forget about myself, that my peace and happiness are worth more to me than anything in this universe. I made the decision to explore the depths of my being and discovered all the things that brought me peace and happiness; at the same time acknowledging the very things that could destroy them so I know what to avoid to keep the balance. My advice to everyone once they reached internal peace and happiness: Know that no one person can make you happy or bring you an abundance of peace as you can yourself, they can and should only add to what already exist. Don’t go looking for happiness or peace within someone else without first looking in yourself. Protect your peace, get rid of toxicity and cleanse your space.

– Jay


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