November 4, 2015

(Note: I Love a good run on sentence lol. excuse the errors I’m really Excited !!)

Today is the day that I am releasing my blog to the world; I am a mixture of emotions, nervous , anxious and excited. This was’nt something that happened overnight, this is something that I took the time to plan out for months. I once was in a very dark place and felt as if I released this at that time that I would sending out negative vibe and allowing that sistuation to control my life. So, I went on a Journey to restoring balance, inner peace and happiness back to a place where I could function. I’d like to thank a few indiviuals that gave me word of encourgment that contributed to me and this blog: Miguel, Loretta, Ebone’, Benjamin, Desiree’, The Company ( They know who they are)  and a few others; Thank You All. I Say to you all secure your reality before you chase your fantasy.

– Jay



  1. naturalbeautyeb · November 11, 2015



  2. naturalbeautyeb · November 11, 2015



  3. Princess · December 14, 2015

    This is excellent advice! Much needed keep writing love pleaseeee keep writing !! Enjoying every moment

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