22 Shades of Jay

November 6, 1993 , I made my entrance into this world.

For my 22nd birthday I wanted to celebrate a little different, So I made a list of activities and goals I want to accomplish upon turning 22. I am currently in a space where I’ve grown out of certain things that I used to engage myself in, and to embrace this growth I felt that it was only right to make a list that depicted where I am mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

– Amend any broken friendships/relationships  (if possible) *Done

– Experience a Different Culture

– Start my blog (Done)

– Expand my mind and the minds of those around me

– Spiritual Growth

– Self-Cleanse for 3 months

– Lead a healthier lifestyle

– Habitat for humanities

– Backpacking across Europe

– Get back into my Art and Dancing (Currently)

– Start YouTube Channel

– Conquer all fears

The list will grow as I complete each task , this is merely the beginning of an ongoing journey of growth, peace, happiness and prosperity; feel free to join me if you please.

– Jay


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