Coming to Peace

There comes a time where you must come to peace with situations that may have broken you mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. In order for you to completely move on and prosper you MUST: Acknowledge what happened, Deal with the remnants, and Come to peace with the outcome. If not you are giving power to that situation, allowing something that you cannot go back and change to fester and hinder you from whatever it is that you want to pursue in the future, essentially you are holding yourself back by holding on to hurt and negative energy. Something you should realize is that you are much stronger than anything that could ever possibly break you down, your current situation is not you final destination. You have to learn how toΒ let go and grow, things happen to us for reasons that we will only be able to understand when the time is right. If it was a person that hurt you forgive them not for their benefit but for yours, write a letter or whatever you feel is best for you, so that you can solidify your peace. When you look back hopefully you will realize that every time you thought you were being rejected from something good,Β  that you were actually being redirected to something better.



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