Timeless Vibes

imageWhen we vibe you take me to a place so high that I couldn’t ever come down from.
You drive my soul wild I keep wondering where did you came from?
Can you be cloned ? The essence of what you are made of.
I love your walk, your smile, our ups and our downs.
I love the comfort of you and knowing that YOU’RE the one I’ll always run too.
If a year from now things change I know that one thing will remain the same: The confidence I have in you to make everything valuable.
There was a time that I was not so vulnerable and you came in and changed it, my heart was broken you took the pieces and rearranged it.
You are a blessing ,You are my friend ,You are a living soul that I’ll cherish to the end.
My love for you is timeless less so I know it’ll never end.
Timelessly vibing as our souls transcend.


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