Part one: How to determine if you need a cleanse/ soul search

◦ Step One:
Evaluate your life.
Are there things that you let control, worry, distract and upset you? Do you want to change those things? If yes, you need to cleanse “Detox” yourself.

◦ Step Two:
How to cleanse.
0. Separate yourself from everyone and everything, then prioritize what’s important.
0. Acknowledge all of the things that get you to a state of depression/ has you feeling uncertain and overwhelmed or upset.
0. Eliminate/ Isolate those immediately (this is easier said than done, but it must happen in order for you to keep your sanity and maintain peace).
0. Get rid of distractions and center your focus, discover yourself, do what makes you happy and puts you at ease.
0. Expand your hidden talent, put yourself first and focus on the things that you need and desire from someone else (you are a reflection of your significant other and friends).
0. Recognize that it all starts, ends and falls back on you, what you allow is what will continue. Stop existing and start experiencing life, the only constant thing in life is change and you possess the power to change the direction in which your life is headed.
0. Reclaim your power over your life.

◦ Step Three:
The Cleanse.

First and foremost there is no limit amount of time to participate in riding yourself of anything, however; if you’re just starting out I suggest a minimum of 2-3 months. It takes at least 30 days for something new to become second nature if you incorporate it into your daily routine.


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