What/ Who Motivates You?

The thing that motivates me to is simply the idea of “because of you I didn’t give up, I found peace and happiness.” Inspiring someone in this world is the best feeling, and also knowing that my younger sister and cousins are looking up to me. This makes me want to keep going no matter how many struggle phases I endure I know that I have to get through them while keeping a positive attitude and energy, not only for my sake, but also theirs. This is why I personally feel as though everyone should have something and/or someone who motivates them to become a better version of themselves. Understand that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the person you are now, but you should know that where you are now is not your final destination, there is so much more to you than you could possibly fathom! You just haven’t tapped into it. This is why we need someone or something to give us a little motivational push every now and then. I want to encourage you to find a source of motivation so, in times where you just want to give up because your feel you back is against the wall, you can look to that source and continue to press forward. Find something that keeps you going, no matter what anyone says well all need some type of motivation good or bad, and I say bad because there’s always a sliver lining in a dark cloud. You can easily turn a negative into a positive it’s all in how you choose to let it affect you.



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