So We’re Still Going to Settle in 2016?

Settle: Set•tle/ verb. accept or agree to (something that one considers to be less than satisfactory).
Look back on 2015 and if you felt as though you’ve settled in any aspect of life ask yourself, WHY? & Can I live with myself knowing that I have settled for less? Not at a place you want to be in your life? STOP SETTLING for the same tired routine that got you from A to B and set new goals that’ll take you from B to Z, put actions behind those goals and make it happen. If you’re settling for lackluster grades currently, break the cycle,do something now that will insure that you get the grades you know you deserve. If you’re like most people these days that settle into relationships or for a significant others, that truly offers you nothing more than the able to say “I have someone” and those tired excuses and petty arguments. Break.The.Cycle! Don’t go into 2016 dealing and settle for the same mess you’ve been putting up with for months even years. How YOU choose to enter the new year will determine how the rest of the year goes for you, remember that what you allow is what will continue. Let go of the bull and stop settling; Take only what you deserve, I mean come on you’re worth it! So why are you still settling *insert sleep emoji*
– Jay


One comment

  1. NaturalBeautyEb · December 14, 2015

    Preach 🙏🏾


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