This is My, Why?

Everyone keeps asking me “Je’Kia why did you start blogging?”

I usually go off into this tangent about how I felt the need to spread light and give others a sense of encouragement, when actually all I’m doing is Speaking the truths that I needed to hear. I understand that not everyone is fortunate to have someone in their corner who can console them through whatever situation they are currently battling. I know this because I lived it, and the toughest greatest thing I’ve ever done was finding strength to keep pressing forward in my weakest days. This isn’t to say that everything is going to always be smooth sailing from here on it, it’s merely a testament to the amount of strength I possess. So I started Blogging to help others find their strength. I am the person that’s in your corner when you feel like your back is against the wall, I am your friend who encourages you to follow your dreams while reminding you to stay levelheaded, and I am the light that you need when you feel lost in a sea of your thoughts, the world, etc.


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