Clap for Yourself Love.

Learn to love the parts of you that no one claps for. If you spend all of your time waiting for someone to clap for or acknowledge parts of you that YOU don’t show special attention to you are wasting your time. So how about you take a moment and clap for your damn self! Every part of you, I promise you that you don’t give yourself enough credit. Stop waiting for other to validate the hard work that you’ve put in for months, years, etc. never allow someone’s stamp of approval be the reason your striving to “do better” you’re going to burn yourself out trying to please them. You should be out here trying to achieve everything your heart desires because that’s what you want for yourself. Give yourself that satisfaction; 9/10 the person or group that you’re looking for approval from isn’t helping you reach any goals, they aren’t grinding beside you day in and day out, THEY WASNT WITH YOU SHOOTING IN THE GYM! They’re just an audience so to speak, So why in the hell do you feel the need to subconsciously do it for them? This is not to say that the people who are grinding with you and encouraging you aren’t clapping for you as well, all I’m saying is that you should invest in yourself more and be you own biggest fan, so when the audience isn’t around there will still be a standing ovation.

  • Jay

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