There’s a Difference between Rare and Different

Someone said “There is a difference between Rare and Different.” I was waiting for an explanation of why they felt this way, but they couldn’t explain, so I wanted to expand on what I think they were trying to say. What makes us different from others apart from our looks? Some would say our belief, how we were raised. Actually that makes us the same or similar, because if you were to have a conversation about your childhood with a group 9/10 you all were brought up in the same way: loving parent or guardian who “didn’t play that mess”. I’ll speak for myself why I say that’s not what sets me apart from anyone else, the things that makes me DIFFERENT is the fact that I’m RARE. Let me break it down, my mindset is my own, my thoughts feelings and goals… My own, the life I’m living is specific to one person and that’s me; No matter how similar our lives and thoughts maybe to one another our experiences and feelings are never the same. Personally I feel things deeply meaning I’m emotionally invested heavily into whatever I’m doing, and for my surroundings I don’t know anyone else like that. To find someone who is just as emotionally inclined is rare to me and that’s what makes ME different. You’re different because you’re rare, and you’re rare because you’re different. I could expand more there may be a part 2, but this is just my take on what was said. Some may agree some may not that’s the beauty in mystery and honestly in a world that’s heavily overexposed, the greatest thing you can do is maintain your mystery.
– Jay


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