2015, Thank You.

I know in my previous post I said that I would take a break for health reasons and I promise that I am, I just have to leave 2015 on a positive note. With this being said I felt as though I should practice what I post and ‘Clap for myself’. It’s not often that I talk about all the things that I have going on in my life simply because I feel the end product should speak for itself. But today I would like to speak on 7 accomplishment of 2015 that I’m most excited about, and they are : Accomplishments of 2015
1. Moved to Georgia.
2. Locked down internships for 2 professional sports teams.
3. Discovered what’s important to me
4. Solidified my Peace.
5. Started My Blog
6. Opportunity to design several shoes (heels)
7. Accepted into Pratt Institute (Grad School)
It may not seem like much to some but honestly I couldn’t care less. These are goals I had for so long that finally came into fruition, I did that! I made it happen! With an amazing support system. I’m honestly extremely emotional writing this because I’ve been through so much, and at times felt as if I wasn’t doing enough or like I’d never reach my goals ever. I’ve overcome my own self doubts and prevailed, I am so thankful for those ending this chapter and entertaining the next chapter with me. 2015 has been on hell of a year; I’m claiming right now that 2016 is nothing less than extraordinary! I love you all thank you for riding with me through the journey of success! I’ll leave you with this quote by Paul Carrick Brunson ” Don’t get distracted by the loudest person in the room. Often times the person with the most power is the quietest.” See you in 2016.


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