New Year, New Me? You Damn Right

First things first rest in peace to my grandmother she’s the reason for my strength, it’s been 10 years and honestly I feel as though I’m making her proud. Second thing We’re Two Month Old! Doses of Jay is my baby and I’m super excited to see her grow and blossom, So thank you all for being here and being apart of something that means so much to me! Last but certainly not least HAPPY New YEAR! This year is indeed a leap year so you get an extra day a whole 24 hours to be/do better than last year let’s get it.!

Now how many of you are about to fall into the cliché of saying “Oh it’s a New Year, Time for a New Me” or “I’m letting all the drama and negativity go”, but wind up falling back into the same behavior patterns that you said you were “letting go” last year?

Don’t gas yourself up for likes, retweets, oohs and ahhh, knowing damn well you haven’t had the chance to create a realistic plan that you’re absolutely going to stick to. This is not to put anyone down who truly feels like 2016 will contribute to the evolution of a “New” them because it can and it will, if you actually plan and become the driving force behind the change you want to see in your life. My advice to you all in 2016 is to never let anyone make you feel bad for the changes you want to make in this New Year. If someone says “Here comes this New Year, New Me Bull” cut them off and say YOU DAMN RIGHT, Who gone check me? Lol and also do not give yourself a false sense of security, by this I mean if your resolution is to lose weight don’t expect to immediately drop pounds a week later. For me last year for the longest all I wanted to do was gain and maintain 5 pounds, yes just FIVE, I thought that it would be easy but it wasn’t it took longer than expected but I kept trying because it was what I really wanted so I came up with a plan and here I am 20 POUNDS later! Not only did I reach my goal but I surpassed it as well.

You can do this as well, you just have to be passionate about all of the things your heart desires. Don’t let these idiotic comments of ” New Year, New Me but you……” Get into your head, if you let it I promise you that you’re letting them win. The main reason people say this is because they are afraid of change, they’re beyond content with living a lackluster life of a few months it’s all great then a few months later it’s all bad. They don’t want to see anyone break this mold and succeed ahead of them because they’re weak, get from around them NOW. YOU CAN NOT! YOU WILL NOT. YOU BETTER NOT! Concern yourself with these people, leave them where they are…. The bottom and sore to the top like I know you can.

MESSAGE for those on social media worried about the changes people what to make this year, why are you so concerned? Your unsolicited negative energy isn’t needed and maybe you should follow suit, The mere fact that YOU have a problem with people wanting to make changes in THEIR LIVES this year should be an indication that you my dear need to make changes also.

          Peace, Blessing and prosperity, Jay.


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