“Respect yourself or nobody will”- Unknown
Respect is not given, it’s Earned; Not to be played with, and can be lost in seconds without warning. Respect is not to be taken for granted because without respect your words and actions towards others mean absolutely nothing. You can regain a certain amount of respect back but the levels will be extremely lower than once upheld, I’m not sure why and I’m not looking for the answer right now so I’ll chalk it up to human nature. We (as human beings) tend to subconsciously hold on to whatever situation that made us look down upon whoever, instead of giving them a “clean slate”. I believe it’s apart of the ideology of ‘Forgive but never Forget’ but that’s a post in itself that I’ll save for later. This topic has been heavy on my mind since a recent conversation where it was evidence of blatant disrespect, not towards me but someone I care about (Not trying to be Captain Save A Hoe) just speaking truths that need to be heard. I won’t get too deep into the conversation but if someone is quick to put your personal business out when shit gets heated, they never respected you in the first place. My unsolicited advice to you all is: If you’ve ever Find yourself in this situation, is to eliminate these people, don’t just settle for an apology because they knew better and they would’ve done better. However, you should understand that cutting people out of your life does not mean you hate them (if you do, you need to let that hurt go) it just means that you respect yourself more. Oh and another thing just because you’ve lost all respect for someone does not mean you can’t still be respectfully cordial whenever your paths cross. Holding onto those ill emotions do nothing but gives you pimples, wrinkles, enlarged pores and reduces 5 years from your life. (Probably just made that up, but keep that in mind) less stressors in 2016
Peace and prosperity, Jay.


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