imageI Β don’t understand your emotions
I’m really out here heart wide open
And I don’t want to get hurt because you can control them.
You don’t trust me? Is that it? What’s the cause for these emotional fits?
Tell me I NEED to know.
I want you to bear your complete soul. Spill it, let me in;
In a perfect world lovers are also friends.
Is that what I am to you? Your lover and your friend?
I need the honest to God truth!
Answer me DAMN IT ! To help me understand.
Why you get so upset like you do?
Sorta push me to the side like a used muse….that has no purpose.
Sometimes I feel as if I’m only on the surface floating just waiting for that perfect moment….
Are you just my man? Are you just my friend? Are you all the above?
Are you sure I’m the one you love?
I need to know

originally written June 28, 2015 Revised January 23, 2016


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