Updates: Giveaway, New Category?!

Blog: Be on the Lookout for a GIVEAWAY, details on how to win and what you’ll win, within the Next month or so. I’m super excited to have reached my goal in only 2 MONTHS! As a thank you to my Advocate readers I’m hosting a Giveaway. Since I’ve gotten great feedback I’ve decided to expand my blog by adding a new category with 3 subsections; Feature Friday’s, Every Friday (maybe every other Friday) I’ll Feature something or someone who falls under these 3 subsections:
1. Beauty; Hair, Skin, Makeup For my lady’s who ask me about products that I use and would recommend.
2. For The Love Of Art For those like me who loves creativity and expressing themselves through various art forms (Poetry, Canvas art, Dance, etc)
3. Music; New Artist to Watch Simply because I Support Good Music and people like the music I listen to so why not get hipped to someone new.
If you are interested in being Featured in one of these Categories please don’t hesitate to contact me, I want to celebrate and uplift you.
Professional: You can Catch me at a couple NBA games (No I’m not a Dancer) 😏. You can also catch me coaching your child’s Back to Back going for a 3 Peat State Championship Track Team! πŸƒπŸΎπŸ’¨
Personal: In all honesty things are going phenomenally! With God and My Passion everything that I’ve spoken into existence is now my reality. The Grind does not stop here, it will on continue. Everyday I’m a step Closer to where I want to me.


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