Vinnie Dangerous

I first met Vinnie my freshman year of college. To me he was just Vinnie the RA in my building, little did I know he was much more than someone who made sure we didn’t prop the side doors. Vinnie D is a hip hop artist, Repping Fayetteville, NC he’s been rapping since the tender age of 7. His parents inspired him the most, with his dad being a rapper as well and his mother a published author and poet, he also draw inspiration from other artist such as OutKast, Kanye, 2 Pac, and T-pain. As you all know everything that you do impacts the word around you be it negative or positive. So, I asked him what type of impact does his want his music to have on the world, “Want to make music for people who forget their human. People that feel like they cannot be themselves or make mistakes because that’s what humans do. I’m being myself in my music; I’m being honest, authentic and unique like every single person on the planet is” – Vinnie Dangerous. Within the next few 5 years you can catch Vinnie Dangerous selling out Madison Square Garden and touring the world, but until then Follow him on social media and visit his website for updates and new music (my favorite song is I’m Fine) & you can find him on Twitter @Vinnied92, Instagram @vinniedangerous, or on Facebook


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