You Can’t Force Feed It

You can’t make someone be happy for you, support you, or to put it simply, You can not make people be there for you the way you’re there for them. It’s not going to happen. You can wish and hope in your heart that they will return to you what you’ve done for them, but sadly it’s not in their innate character. Meaning it’s not a natural instinct for them to give back, their roles in the universe is to be a taker and that’s fine…. For them; Your going to encounter your fair share of takers and givers. I suppose it’s human nature but when I fully understand, Trust that I’ll share with you all. What I’m saying to you all is that you can’t get mad because someone isn’t capable of reciprocating the genuine love, support and respect you show them, they don’t know how. So, Appreciate those around you that do and the rest will fall into place. There’s two ways you can handle this: Number one is to show/ teach them how and Number Two is to completely wash your hands of them and pray that they get it together. If you decide on Number One, You must have patience and understanding. Understand that no one has ever required them to reciprocate anything, So it’ll take some time for them to adjust (Be patient not stupid). Take note of their behavior and actions this will tell you if they truly are worth the energy, if their actions are Piss poor don’t keep trying to force feed shit and just walk away. I’ve seen them most beautiful spirits connect with souls that drained them, it’s truly heartbreaking. (I was almost drained a while ago and don’t want the same for you). You’re smart enough to know where your energy belongs, I don’t need to tell you to be careful who you allow in your space 😌.



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