Suru formerly known as “The Humble”

Free styling and writing poetry and songs since middle and high school. He didn’t actually start recording until college because sports were also a part of his life, but the passion was still there. If you’re curious like me, you’re probably thinking why the name Suru? & What does it mean? Well in his native language Suru means patience. “I am going to take my time, because I want my success in the future to last forever and art not just music is the way I express myself.” -Suru. Through art you can inspire the masses, So it was only right to as him what inspires him to create his art. His mom who is a singer is what got him into music, and Jamie Foxx is his biggest inspiration right now industry wise; But he draws from everyday life, something so simple as a quote from a documentary can spark a lyric in his head and that inspires a song. Suru wants people to listen to his music and feel what he felt when he made the song or interpret something from it that will inspire them to do what they love as well. Which I feel is amazing to have an artist who creates art that inspires me as well as the universe. So, within the next 5 years you can catch Suru and his production company in his favorite position… At the Top, CEO! (Lol that’s my fave as well) but until then keep up with him, his music and photography. Soundcloud, Insta @___suru___ , twitt @__suru___ , tumblr : | | , VSCO | | Youtube | |
*my Favorites are Feel Me,Mind Over Matter, You’re Not*


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