Social Media Hiatus 📵

I took a break from all social media and television for about a two months , to discover more about myself and reflect on things that I’ve learned and still learning in my 20’s (I’m only 22, but I’m wise beyond my years). I personally recommend a social media and “reality TV” fast (21 days or more) to everyone, So that you can fully discover who you are and fully reflect on the many life lessons you’ve learned. I didn’t always like the person I was before but I am definitely in love the women I am becoming and I’m proud of my continuous growth, which is a major key word to DJ Khaled. Below is just a list I put together as a personal reminder and I thought I’d share it with you all.

Things I learned Before/ In My 20’s

1. Everyone does not have the same heart, mentality.
2. Stop capping for people who don’t give 3 fucks about me.
3. Kill them with success
4. People are going to talk whether you’re going good or not
5. Let things go
6. To eliminate things that don’t help me evolve
7. Don’t be a Chatty Patty (if you know where I got this from you are REAL)
8. Believe it, speak it, do it.
9. Believe none of what you “hear” and half of what you see
10. People lie but their patterns don’t
11. Don’t announce the move before it’s made
12. Take care of myself mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually
13. Clap for myself
14. The only person I am in competition with is me
15. The difference between being selfless and selfish
16. The only things stopping me from greatness is me
17. Change your mindset, change your life
18. My standards are not too high, people expectations for themselves is just low
19. Networking, it’s a must
20. Building a brand takes time and patience
21. Pace yourself, just because Sarah is where I want to be doesn’t mean I’m not where I’m supposed to be
22. Love wholeheartedly, protect my peace, restore balance, and live unapologetically


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