I met Josh in the Spring 2013 semester of my freshman year of college and he’s by Far the most unique person I’ve ever known. Not only is Josh a dope Graphic Designer, he now has a clothing line; LIVE Free Apparel. Originally this line was intended exclusively for him, because he wanted the clothes he wears to represent the idealism of freedom. After talking with a few of his peers, he was persuaded to start an actual clothing line for those who support the notion and idea of living free. Which, means you are striving to live to your full potential by freeing yourself of hate, self-doubt, pain and prejudice. With all of this being said I asked Josh, what his mission is and who inspired him? “True freedom starts inside yourself. Free yourself of the shackles of doubt, self hate, malice, miseducation put upon you by society. Reach back to your roots, wake up and unlock your true potential…..Live free. My father is my biggest inspiration because he does everything that he can to be successful and he has become a success story and I aspire to be just like him.”- Josh Efik. LIVE Free Apparel, it’s a liberation movement for people of color, groups of people who have been persecuted and anyone who can identify with the need for personal freedom. Join the movement and support a Black Owned Business also Make sure you follow Josh on Instagram @ajamu_ for updates and to enter his current giveaway for a free sweatshirt.


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