OMG Jay is Having A…..

GIVEAWAY !!!! The first of many, I’m overwhelmed, excited and flabbergasted by the amount of love and support this blog is receiving. I just want to Thank each and every one of you (I’m going to give you all a name, give me a minute). So, I’m having a giveaway to say Thank You and to show my appreciation, without further ado here’s how to enter:

1. follow me on Instagram and Twitter (if you don’t already)
2. Tell me what your favorite post is and why. (Preferably Post to Instagram or Twitter)
3. You have to use the hashtag #DosesofJay in order to be entered.
*There will be 2 winners, first winner will win a journal with a special message from me, a peace bracelet and energy face mask (plus something extra), the second winner will receive the same thing minus the journal (you’ll still receive a special message from me) All post must me submitted by 11:59 pm imageTuesday. Winners will be announced Wednesday, Good Luck!*

P.S. Each gift relates to one of my post 😘



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