Guitarist: Paco Black

I’ve known Paco for a while now and he’s a Dope guitarist and producer. So I decided to interview him the other day, because I see how passionate he is about his art. Paco has been playing the guitar for 3 1/2 years now, he’s biggest inspiration is a guitar player by the name of Jairus Mozee, who had the privilege of playing with Janet Jackson And Prince at the age of 18, Mozee is now Lil Wayne’s lead guitarist. Paco said “seeing him at the Lil Wayne concert in 2013 made me want to go hard,I knew exactly what I wanted in that moment.

Before, I only want to be a producer but he made me want to become more than just a guitar player.” So, I then asked “What keeps you motivated”? Because I know that career path can be a little intimidating to some. Going to concerts and seeing his friends play with artist keeps him motivated to keep pursing his dreams no matter what. With, that being said it’s a must that I ask how does he want to impact the world, because whatever you do there’s someone watching you and admiring your process. He wants to bring something different to the table and to bring leadership back, because, it’s too many followers. Also to inspire people the way others have inspired, and create a new way for kids in the way Jimi Hendrix done for him.

His advice for anyone interested in playing and instruments is to Touch your instrument every day even if it’s for 30 minutes find someone who you like and watch them learn from them but make it your own re-created there are no rules just have fun and love what you do. Be sure to catch Paco 🎸 on the no sleep just dreams tour, this Saturday, February 20th at the Fillmore in Washington DC with Chrisette Michele and Jay Guns. For all inquiries please email that also follow him on Instagram at @TheRealPacoB


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