But That’s Where You Lost It

A question that I feel will never be answered is: Why do people look for happiness in the place they lost it?? I honestly don’t think people fully understand the concept of having/ creating happiness within themselves. It’s saddening that this generation, hell over 90 percent of society clings on to the very things that leads to their unhappiness. As if letting go means they’re never going to have happiness again. Which to me is ridiculous, Because True Blissful happiness is Pure, Free and Lighthearted. If you keep giving power to a situation that isn’t producing positive vibes/energy then your ultimately becoming stagnant. You aren’t reaching your fullest potential or flourishing like the little butterflies I know you are, thus hindering the process of growth. Growth should be a goal in every relationship in your life, if you’re not growing what’s the purpose? Exactly there is none! So, stop using the excuse of “they’re all I know or this is all I’m used too” oh and my favorite “they know so much about and I don’t want to start over” just to with some or in a situation that doesn’t make you happy. If someone is really for you, they won’t do anything to compromise your happiness. No one can “make” you happy they can only add to it, this if Facts not an opinion. Ask yourself, Does this add or subtract from my happiness? Do I want to risk my feelings for temporary comfort? Do my wants, needs and feelings Matter? If you can’t answer these questions honestly, you’ll probably make an excuse for whatever is going on, and go back seeking a different outcome. My only question is: Why would you go back or stay looking for something that should always be in you, if that’s where you lost it? (Think about it)
Happiness comes from within, Jay.


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