#YIKES “Caly Cal”

You all may know him as “Caly Cal” a southern hip hop artist, but I know him as “Keeeev” a good friend I met in college. Kev reached out and being a supporter of his music it was only right to feature him. “Caly Cal” have been into music since he was 7 years old mostly writing, he didn’t start recording until he was 13.

Drawing inspiration from his life struggle, and Listening to artist such as TI, Wu-Yang Clan, J. Cole, Wale and Dom Kennedy just want to name a few. Molded him into an artist that lives his life through his artistry, meaning if he’s going through something you’re more than likely to hear in a song, not only speaks for himself, but also speaks to those who can relate.

“Caly cal” wants to continuously create enjoyable inspirational music that people can feel. I personally believe that every song carries a vibe and it’s let up to the consumer (us) to catch it for what it is and not what we want it to be, I think this how “Caly Cal” wants his music to impact the universe. So, I asked Kev where did he see himself with the next 5 years or so, ” Within the Next five years, I can see myself working in a major situation by then, and also all my business ventures will be off the ground up and running. Even though I am doing the independent route right now eventually if the major deal is worth it as far as it benefiting me in the long run then I will definitely take the opportunity.I need to pay my college loans off by then too lol.” – “Caly Cal”. If you every make a diss record towards Sallie Mae, PUT ME ON THE TRACK lol.

Speaking of tracks, I was curious to know what his favorite song is out of his entire body of work “This is a difficult question because all my songs represent different elements of my life so depending on my mood, would depend on if a song would be my favorite or not. I will say my top two songs would be Watch Me Do My Thang & #Roll1Light1. Both of those songs are singles on two different projects, but they both brought me notoriety as far as the music scene along with other things of course. Two completely different tracks, but they both served their purposes.”

Keep Grinding and you’ll achieve you dreams. To stay updated on show dates follow Caly Cal on Twitter and Instagram at: @YIKESCalyCal. To download and listen to his music click the links below:


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