But That’s Where You Lost It Part II

Last week I published a post entitled: “But that’s where you lost it” and The feedback was amazing. One thing stood out to me which is why I’m doing a part II. I received an email from one of my readers asking: “is it wrong to fight for happiness?” The person wanted my honest opinion, and I want to share my response with you guys.

“You shouldn’t ever have to fight for happiness, because happiness comes from within. No one can make you happy if you aren’t happy with yourself! I can’t help but stress this enough, because so many people rely on others to create their happiness when it shouldn’t be that way at all. Now there is a difference in fighting for someone TO LOVE YOU verses fighting for someone WHO LOVES YOU. Why would you want to fight for someone to love you? In my opinion, you should love yourself enough to know that you’re worth loving and anyone would be lucky to have you. If they fail to see that then oh well, you aren’t losing they are! So love yourself unapologetically and the rest will fall into place.”

Fighting for someone WHO loves you is perfectly fine. People often say that love is difficult, when in all actuality it’s simple, lighthearted and beautiful. It’s the people who make it difficult, they often let self-doubt get in the way of letting love be free. Which leads to irrational decisions, miscommunication etc. So, if you want to fight through that by all means do it only if you feel like it’s worth the fight. If not then let it go, do everyone a favor and let each other free.



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