New Producer: Joshua Sparks

Meet New Producer, Joshua Sparks. He started teaching himself the ends and out of engineering sound 1 year ago, when a friend gave him the software for FL Studio. Joshua draws motivation from His father who used to make music, Metro Boomin and the people who once said his music sucked, are now telling him that he’s getting me, he’s using this as inspiration to keep pursuing production.

The Thing that sets Joshua apart from other producers is his perspective on the way he hears sounds, because of his hearing problems. Rather than viewing it as a disability he views is as power. I had the pleasure of listening to some of his beats and I’m throughly impressed, I for one hate hearing the same type of beats on the radio. It’s always refreshing hearing a new sound.

The mental tools Joshua has learned in order to be successful in this industry is to stay positive, remain focus and being positive. Advice for those just starting out ” Advice for those who trying to produce… Be patience, keep working on your crafts, and never give up. When it starts to get hard, embrace it cause it’s only a challenge, you got more to come.” – Joshua.

Within in the next 5 years, Josh wants to be in Atlanta by then too working with future, thug and others. Until then he’ll be perfecting his craft and working with independent artists. If you want to create with him, you can reach him at:


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