Subliminal Messages ✉️

If it’s not directed don’t respect it.

Everyone knows the art of subliminal messages. (We’re all guilty of sending/ receiving one). The most popular ways to take subtle jabs in our generation is to Tweet or Post to Instagram. A “simple generalized statement” with someone in mind.

Now to the unsuspecting naïve person they’d relate on a surface level and repost, but the advanced level shady person they’d understand the depth of the post and know that what was said was intended for someone and screenshot. (I’m also guilty of this I will screenshot your whole timeline in .25 seconds). This is when things usually go left and the “Was that about me 👀 ?” texts start rolling in and then the “Clapback”; Oh and my personal favorite the “Unbothered 😴” post (Lol you’re bothered, post on this coming soon)

To avoid getting off topic I’ll quickly make my point. My thing is, if your name isn’t attached to the subliminal shots then why concern yourself with whatever was said? By feeding into the tomfoolery you’re giving them exactly what they want and that’s attention and a reaction. Stop feeding into it, going back and forth with them isn’t hurting anyone but you. They think this is a game. Personally, I don’t catch shots at me if there are any, because I couldn’t possibly care lessor than I already don’t, I’m too busy drinking water and mining my business to catch a subtweet, sub-post, sub-snap etc.

My unsolicited advice to you would be to do the same; If the message isn’t formally addressed to you, hit return to sender and notify them of the changed address (because they clearly have you fucked up and confused with someone who gives a damn). Excuse my rude decorum in this post, I just get so flustered when I see people slinging shot, but won’t attach a name to who it’s for. Like you have the nerve to say these things but don’t have the balls to attach a name so the situation can be properly addressed and handled like the adults you’d think we are? You’re childish, grow up. (No, no one hasn’t subbed me it’s what I observe on a daily basis)

To wrap this up, Never allow yourself to be consumed by someone else’s problems, If they’re going to come with jabs make sure they come correct or it doesn’t receive any respect. Some people feed off of forced reactions, starve them by not acknowledging them. Feed yourself and prosper my little Cosmic Caterpillars.


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