I Am Art: Raheem Pounds

imageI’ve been following Raheem’s art for a while and I’m a fan. I recently reached out to him to be a feature, because I love his work and wanted to share it with you all. So, Without further ado.

Meet The Talented Raheem Pounds. Raheem has been creating art for about 15 years. For Raheem being creative is the freedom of expressing oneself, and Art is his form of freedom. “I was never really good with my words so I was always better at showing people then telling them. It became my way of communicating with others and expressing what I feel strongly about. I have always been really good at art and it helped me stay out of trouble, because when I was a kid I would get into a lot of fights and art calmed me down.” -R.Pounds.

As someone who creates art as well, I was curious to know when did he decided that he absolutely had to share his art with the world. That moment came to him during his last to years of undergrad at THE Illustrious, North Carolina Central University. Raheem was preparing to enter law school, When a meeting with this Mentor Dr. Beverly McIver changed his mind.” She asked me did I really want to go to law school. I said no, I told her I wanted to teach as a professor like her. That is the reason why I attend Savannah College of Art and Design now for Graduate school.” – R. Pounds.

When admiring someone’s work, I look for a piece of the artist, what I mean by this is that I look for the connection between the artist and what’s being expressed. My favorite pieces of art would have to be the abstract category, because it convey expressing ideas rather than events. Raheem’s work is expressionistic in nature with the idealism of contemporary art. His work is very versatile, it can be realistic or very abstract. It depends on what ideas are behind the piece of work that He’s making. With being artistic, one may encounter creative blocks. So, I asked Raheem what keeps him going? ” What keeps me going is my mom she always believe in me no matter what and even though she is not alive now I just think back to a time when she had faith in me when I did not have it in myself so when ever I get to a place where I begin to doubt myself I just think back to how she pushed me.” – R. Pounds

Art has a multitude of mediums, and it’s only natural for a creative spirit to explore them. One medium Raheem would like to explore next is performance art. I know a thing or two about performing arts, My advice to you (Raheem) is to, Explore and expand on pieces that you feel with your soul, those are the ones that will feel natural and people will appreciate the most. His advice to those just starting out is: “go all in fight for your passion because it is needed to be successful I know at times it will get hard but don’t give up because it’s hard fight More because it’s worth it”.

Fun Fact: Raheem has donated 5 painting to North Carolina Central University.

You can keep up with Raheem and his work at the following:
Social media

twitter: RaheemPounds

Instagram: rahpounds

Tumblr: raheempounds


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