I Am Art: @SonofSimba

imageI stumbled across this creation and was absolutely amazed. When I look at this, I see a man who is in tune with the universe. All chakras are open and his light is bright, rather than living his is existing with his own galaxy. I am a fan of this artists work, and had to Feature him.

Jarome has been creating art all of his life. Art to him is something that you feel, something that takes emotion to make and you feel emotion when you see it, art is intellectual, art makes you think. the harder you think the better the art. The moment he decided to share his creations with the world was in the 6th grade, He was always interested in graffiti and asked his mom if He could spray paint the old barn in his back yard and she said “go for it!” so that’s exactly what He did.

“Being creative to me simply means being you and expressing yourself.” Jarome’s art has no boundaries, and it never will. He draws inspiration from everyone, from the unmotivated to the dream conquers.A few note worthy names are Demont Pinder, Aaron maybin, Eric Thomas, Raymond Bartlett, and CT. Fletcher just to name a few. Along with his faith in God and being the best version of himself, is what keeps him going.

His advice to those just starting out, is to draw every line as if it was meant to be, get out of your comfort zone, and stay consistent. You can support Jarome by
Buying art, getting murals painted at their school , church, or house. You all can also support by sharing his art on social media.

“I don’t make art for me I make art for the world.”

Making art for the world rather than yourself, to me means that you are fulling your role in the universe. In my opinion, If you are talented in a certain area and choose to suppress rather than express,Ultimately you’re cheating yourself. So always share your art and light the world, because the universe will thank you.


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