How Jay? HOW!?

“How do you stay so positive?”

I get asked this question a lot, and my answer is this: I’m human just like anyone else, I’ve had dark periods; But, rather than letting those moments destroy my light, I choose to focus on the positive side of life or the situation, and channel the negative energy and put it towards something that’ll make me feel better. I’m not going to lie to you and say that it’s easy, when I know for a fact that it’s not. If you read my post “A Real Dose of Jay” then you’ll see that I struggled for a long time to be genuinely happy.

Think about it like this, you’re wasting your time by doing nothing but wallowing in self-pity. Why not waste your time on something productive? In the same amount of time you spent sulking, you could have been reading, writing or whatever it is that you’re passionate about. Let the negative energy fuel your passion, I promise you that over time you’ll feel a lot better about yourself if you solely focus on the positive and redirect the negative.

Hopefully this helps someone, being positive doesn’t mean you ignore the negative, it means that you’ve overcome it.


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