More J Safina Please !

True story, I heard J Safina before I actually met her. She sung the national anthem at a NCCU Men’s Basketball Game one night and I was like “yessssss”! Little did I know that same night I would meet her at an interest meeting for a pageant. I went back to my dorm and talked with my RA who knew her and she played ‘Venus’. You guys when I tell you that Jazmen has an amazing soulful voice like nothing I’ve ever heard before I truly mean it!

J Safina is an amazing Singer, Songwriter and most importantly she is a Woman, unapologetically. Drawing inspiration from women such as: Erykah Badu, Rihanna and Jill Scott, who all exude strength and confidence in their sexuality with no apologies. J Safina decided to share her life experiences through music. “My music is based onย my life and my experiences. I want my music to remind peopleย shit happens. As women, we make decisions–some good, some bad–but you should never be ashamed of those decisions and you should NEVER let anyone else determine your worth.” – J Safina.

In my opinion it takes a great deal of strength to not only go through something, but to make the decision to share with the world. Especially if you’re a private person, Sharing your trials and tribulations reminds people that you’re human. Meaning you go through things that can sometimes change you, and Listening to J Safina’s Newest Album ‘Ultraviolet’, I felt the emotions behind every song. I love when artists are raw and vulnerable, it gives listeners such as myself a sense of Unity of some sort. J Safina definitely does this for me, she’s personable and relatable. Don’t just take my word for it go experience her gift LIVE: Emerald City in Durham, NC on April 7th, 2016 for ULTRAVIOLET LIVE! You can purchase tickets here: .

Before you all go out to see this amazing artist, make sure you download Ultraviolet here: ! I love this album aside from Miguel, Ultraviolet is the most played album in my music. So I had to know what Jaz’s favorite song is “It’s hard to choose a favorite because each song has its own special meaning to me. But if I HAD to choose it might be “Breathe.” Simply because of the state of mind I was in when I wrote that song. A lot of my music comes from a very broken time in my life, it was refreshing to finally be happy and in love and to tell everyone about it.”- J Safina. ( I LOVE this song and Horns). To Keep up with J Safina make sure you follow her on social media and in you’re interested in booking/ work with her ‘Serious inquiries only’ you can send her an email : Instagram:@morejayplease_
Twitter: @J_Safina
Snapchat: morejayplease

Fun Fact: I wrote my first song when I was 10, I recorded my first song at 16, but I didn’t make the decision to REALLY push my music until I was 19. “JUST DO IT and give it EVERYTHING you’ve got !”


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