Ahmir “AMET Ricky” Vines

I’ve gotten the chance to preview “Hiatus” by AMET Ricky before the album was released on March 30th, and I’ve been listening to it ever since! I appreciate artist who has the ability to “leave it all on the track”, creating a sense of connection between them and the listeners.

“As an artist, I’m an individual and an innovator. I create honest music that people can relate to. I feel like our generation is so wrapped up in being “lit” and “turning up”, that we forget about the music that gets us through the reality, and the issues that come when the turn up is over. My music speaks to those times. I’m young, but I’ve been through a lot. I think the reason why people respect me as an artist so much is because I’m so real about my life experiences.” – AMET Ricky

You never know how much impact you may have over someone’s life, by just sharing your story through whatever vessel you choose. Sparking conversations that, in my opinion are lost in my generation. We as a whole tend to shy away from certain topics such as the LGBT community and for me AMET Ricky is bridging the gap in conversation through music. “I like to call my music unveiling, meaning, I want it to cause controversy and spark the conversations that people have been afraid to have. My image alone is groundbreaking. How many openly transgender rappers can you name? Now out of those rappers, how many are transmen? Exactly. Whether it’s discussing my life as a part of the LGBT community, abuse, relationships, or neglect, I want my music to help people who are going through some of the same things I have.”

“My biggest inspiration is life. In my music, you can hear some of my pain from things that I’ve gone through. Although they were hard, they made me better. My ultimate inspiration is my niece, Giselle. Because of family issues, she was taken away at a young age, and no one has been able to see her for years. Every time I think about music, I think about her, and how she reminded me so much of myself. She was funny, loved to sing and dance, and would love for me to rap to her. My ultimate goal is to become so successful that there’s no way that she can be kept from me, because everywhere she will go she will hear my name or see my brand. One day I want to bring her home to me and give her the life that she’s been missing.” Honestly I get inspired by seeing people follow and conquer their dreams, AMET Ricky is truly inspiring me without knowing it. Although this interview was conducted via Email I want to thank you for living your truth and for being a feature, continue to put out great music and growing you brand!

Advice from AMET Ricky to anyone wanted to get into Music : “The best thing that I can tell anyone that wants to go into the music industry is to believe in yourself, don’t take no for an answer, and to be smart with your decisions. Although there are great people in the industry, there are also those who may try to take advantage of your talents. You have to watch who you trust with your art. Remember that it’s called the music business for a reason, it’s 80% business and 20% music, so always think with your head when making decisions. Most importantly, make great music!”

Within the next 5 years stay tuned for Films, model campaigns and of course great music. Until then catch performances by AMET Ricky : • May 19th at The Shed in Durham, NC.
• Springboard South Festival in Houston, Texas from June 23-27th.

You can also purchase “Hiatus” from the following: https://m.soundcloud.com/ametnation
Listen to Hiatus by AMET Ricky

Social media:
Twitter: @AMETRicky
Instagram: @2AMRicky
Snapchat: @VMETArry

Fun Facts: • Favorite song off of the album “Hiatus” is “B.S., With Love”. It features the vocals of J Safina and combines 90’s R&B with modern hip hop. I’ve never really heard a feel good heartbreak song until I created that. It tells a real story, of how my ex broke my heart, and the conversations we never had. The hook, “I ain’t gotta lie for you, cry for you, ride or die, or even get high for you”, was my interpretation of my ex’s feelings and true intentions. Everyone always asks me what the “B.S.” in “B.S., With Love” stands for, and it’s actually her initials. That song was ultimately what helped me get over her because everything that needed to be said, was said in that track.


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