It’s OKAY To Put Yourself First

I’ve had numerous conversations with strangers and a few friends, Inquiring about my “Inner Glow”. * Inner Glow; Is the purity of the soul. The true feeling that comes to you about yourself when you’re alone. The simple formula for “finding” your inner glowage is to simple: First + You = Put YOURSELF First!

This concept is rarely used, especially among those who are natural givers. Givers tend to go above and beyond for others, yet they slack off when it comes to giving to themselves. Take me for instance, I would give in all my relationships (romantic, business, friendship etc) however I wouldn’t receive much back. Now, I was content for a while but at some point I said to myself ” something isn’t right, this feeling is off”. One night I prayed for guidance and for the removal of things/people who don’t deserve my time, loyalty or friendship.

Prayer works! I woke up refreshed I had a clearer vision of where I needed to be in life, and that involved me being selfish, not towards the people in my life more so with my time and energy. I started putting myself first, once I did that it was like I was shaking up the world. People that I was close with started hating on my journey of internal Glowage, because they needed me more than I ever realize, I couldn’t continue to be a rock for them, when I was barely a sheet of paper for myself and you know what? That was OKAY.

It’s okay to put yourself first, you NEED to be able to stand alone and not feel as though you’re going to have a mental breakdown, because you’ve given all you have to someone else. If your friends/ significant other can’t respect that you need to focus on you and your needs, then F..k them. At the end of the day all you have to fall back on is yourself, and if you’re not strong enough to carry your own weight. How can you expect to carry someone else’s? With that being said, if anyone tries to make you feel bad about putting yourself first, F..K THEM.



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