Embrace Your FLAW

Flaw /flô/ noun: 1. A fault or weakness in a person’s character. 2. A mistake or shortcoming in a plan, theory, or legal document that causes it to fail or reduces its effectiveness.

Everyone has flaws, but it’s not about what your flaws are. It’s about how you embrace them and make them work for you, and that’s what the up and coming FLAW Lifestyle represents. Centered in Charlotte, North Carolina, Flaw is more than a clothing line brand “We are a lifestyle we don’t just want to sell products, We want people to Embrace their flaws, Love their flaws and learn to live with their flaws”.

The message of embracing ones flaws especially in today’s society is needed. Our generation is in the stage of life where we’re all trying to figure ourselves out. In my opinion, I feel as though we (as a whole) are very much so still impressionable, by this I mean we subconsciously emulate the type of vibes that we receive. FLAW is on a mission to put out positive vibe that will impact the world in a major way, By creating quality products that is both innovative and creative, Using their brand as a staple that can help individuals with their ideas of confidence & self-worth. “We want our line to impact the people in ways that far surpass sales. Our biggest impact will come from the change of mindset. Changing what people deem as beautiful, What they deem as stylish and making it cool again to be yourself.” Flaws and all.

FLAW is for anyone who can identify with the message they are sending out. “We gather our inspiration from our circumstance. We saw that there was a lack of love and self-confidence in a lot of our peers. They were going through life comparing their lives to the lives of prestigious individuals and celebrities. They held them to high standards as if they were perfect when in all actuality we all have faults and flaws. So from there we took the time to begin to curate something that helped people realize that everyone has a fault everyone has a flaw and instead of resenting your flaw embrace it.” Within the next 5 years they see themselves expanding globally, positive vibes produce positive outcome and these two young men will definitely take the world by storm.

make sure you follow and support Flaw lifestyle .

Instagram: http://instagram.com/flawlifestyle
Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/Flaw-Lifestyle-1544433309186714/
Shop Now: http://flawlifestyle.com/


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