To Whom It May Concern

imageHello White America,
I wanted to write something inspiring, But it will literally fix nothing.
We’re done being peaceful,
We’re done watching you kill our people.
Sandra, Sean, Trayvon, Eric, Tamir, Alton,  we got you.
We’re done listening to “here’s what you should do”.
All Lives Matter? As if you see US as your equal.
We are not sorry that our skin has more melanin than your mind can fathom,
We are not sorry for the CHANGE that’s GOING TO HAPPEN.
I suggest that you get with the program or get left behind,
My people are tired of being tired of being targeted because of our BLACK SKIN!
Our Men, Stronger Independent Women you slaughtered them.

I don’t promote violence, just think
How would it make you feel if we did the same thing?
Turned you into a hashtag? Took your voice? Have your family crying behind a black hearse? Killed you WITHOUT our lives being in danger?
I suppose you’re speechless right? No, let me guess…. WE SHOULDNT LIVE IN THE FUCKING HOOD RIGHT?
Oh wait, We shouldn’t sell CD’s,
We definitely don’t need to go to church
Hold on I got it, we shouldn’t have knowledge of what our rights are!
Enough is enough.
We’re screaming Black Lives Matter because your kind, you know the Mass murderers walk around freely.
Meanwhile my people barely make it to the precinct.
I’m done, finished
White America, We are not a threat… We’re PISSED know the difference.

Sincerely, You don’t care what my name is, However you will RESPECT that I Am Unapologetically Black.image

*Disclaimer: if this offends you, I couldn’t care less.


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