Monthly Reflection.

First and foremost, I would like to apologize for my lacking presence. How are you all supposed to get your Daily Dose if I’m not here to prescribe it? I had writers block that triggered my ADD, which means I had to re-center my focus. I also wanted to focus on my personal life so this break has done me well.

I began to incorporate monthly reflections into my daily routine, as a form of tracking my growth: mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Now, reflecting on where I was last year is not living in the past, it’s simply my way of giving credit where it’s due. I rarely pat myself on the back or give myself credit for anything but I’m working on it.

Being that it is now August of 2016, I felt that it was important for me to share this months reflection because last year (2015) during this month I pretty much publicly broke down (Via Twitter). I won’t go into specifics about what went on, However; I will let you all know that I lost myself, my passion, my will to live (my why). I fell so hard that I didn’t even know if I could ever stand again, but guess what? You know how you’re racing someone and you get to that last 100 meter mark and you get a random burst of energy?… That’s what happened to me, after I hit rock bottom and wallowed in my pity for a couple of weeks. I “recharged” and embarked on the greatest journey of my life (besides marriage and children; no I’m not married nor do I have children but you get the gist) The Journey of Self Love and Peace.

Though this journey for me will be a never-ending one, I’m evolving everyday and fall more in love with myself than I’ve ever been before! I found it necessary for me to reflect on how far I’ve come, So if I were to ever fall like that again I’ll already know what it takes to stand up again. Which is another reason why I started my blog, to motivate others and to track my progress! I hope you all are enjoying my journey and I wish you nothing but peace and prosperity in your individual journeys.

Reminder: A person who falls and gets back up is much strong than a person who never fell. Claim your confidence and get back up!

Peace and Prosperity, Jay.



  1. Swavey · August 5, 2016

    I love your blog lady. I look forward to your progress. I know you’re on your way to something great and I hope I see you at the top. Much love, peace, and prosperity.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Je'Kia Willis · August 5, 2016

      Thank you, it means so much to me and we will see each other at the top


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