Before You Give Up

“Before You Give Up, Think About The Reasons Why You Held On For So Long” unknown.

This quote has gotten me through a pretty rough week, so I decided to share it, and what it means to me personally. Throughout my journey of life I expect for there to be many challenges as well as blessings. I have more than one passion that I want to dedicate all of my time and energy into, from the outside looking in it would seem as though I’m spreading myself thin, and what I want to achieve is practically impossible to accomplish. I feel as though I can water my plants (my passion) and watch them grow, so I can sit back and enjoy the fruits of my labor, however; I would be lying if I said that I didn’t get in my own way at times.

By this I mean that, I sometimes talk myself into believing that I’m doing “too much” and I need to let go of this dream of owning my own fitness rehabilitation facilities, running a blog brand/company and obtaining my Doctoral Degree. I have to stop myself and think about why achieving these things are important to me….. They’re important because I have something different to add to an already amazing field, Because it’s a dream that I can see becoming my reality; it’s not about the money I can potentially receive. It’s about fueling my passions by going after everything my heart desires no matter how challenging it can/will get. What do I always say? “If you aren’t doing what you’re passionate about then you’re cheating yourself.”

I REFUSE to cheat myself by giving up when things seem like it’s not going to work out. I’m going to tough it out because it builds character and when I look back on my journey it’ll be worth it. If you ever find yourself in between a rock and a hard place, just ask yourself “why? What am I doing this for?” Take a step back, regroup and go at it again ! Just don’t cheat yourself out of accomplishing every goal… Unless they’re dangerous goals then don’t do it !

Side Note: in the terms of relationships never give twice as much as you are given (think about it). If it’s not healthy and threatening your peace . LET THAT SH*T GO.


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