Miss CEO: Destiny Feemster


Miss CEO

Meet Destiny Feemster of Destiny Fulfilled Enterprises Inc. a 22-year-old ambitious, innovative and bold business woman from a small town. Innovation Consultant, Chief Executive Officer and a HBCU Graduate with a B.B.A. in Marketing & Finance.

 When I first met Destiny, her energy was high and very positive. The way she spoke life into other women was very refreshing to see, because we as women are coming out of an era in which I personally feel, like we tore each other down rather than lifting each other up. The questions then becomes ” What happens to Women empowerment? What does it mean to you? and Why is it important in today’s society?”
Women Empowerment to me means being able to accomplish your personal goals, break barriers and still support the next Queen beside you. It’s important in today’s society because we as women should understand that celebrating another doesn’t dim your light and together we are stronger.” – Destiny Feemster.

 We all need motivation to keep us going, especially when Life gets real and you’re faced with obstacles you weren’t quite prepared for, but there’s beauty in the struggle and once you find that, it should motivate you to push forward. When that happens to Destiny here’s how she find the beauty in the struggle, “Overcoming obstacles motivates me. Knowing that I made it this far and I can keep going, make an actual impact on those around me and potentially change the millennial game in regards to business. The thing that keeps me going is my mentee and my siblings – primarily. I impact them and they impact me; they reach out to and depend on me to be there for them. And of course my supporters!” – Miss Feemster.

 Now that you know about the woman behind the brand, it’s time to uncover the Vision of Destiny Fulfilled and what this Brand/Company has to offer. The overall vision for Destiny Fulfilled Enterprises is to expand into a multi-million dollar company with the current and additional avenues within our business model. Providing women with a massive, effective network of like-minded individuals to empower, inspire and unite would be the ideal mark for Destiny Fulfilled Enterprises. And of course women’s empowerment. Offering a range of services such as: The Glam Shop with their popular Queenin’ T-shirt and accessories; Professional Inspirations which includes web design, advertisements, innovation consultations and an array of events; and lastly our annual service project, The Ultimate Prom Glam. Impacting the world and uplifting women one fabulous service at a time. “The impact I want to have on the world is that is okay to live your life boldly, effectively uplift the community and to encourage everyone to accept what they cannot change, and lastly plan for longevity.” – Miss CEO.

 Within the next five years, Destiny sees herself as a successful business and community leader, engrossed in the expansion of Destiny Fulfilled Enterprises nationwide, providing fellow entrepreneurs and women with the up most support through her innovation consultations, professional influence and movement. As well as obtaining her Masters of International Business.

Some advice from Destiny, “keep going! Do not ever give up or allow anyone who is not where you would like to be – influence your decisions. You can and will make it – as long as you remain determined, enthusiastic and transparent. People will call you crazy until your crazy ass makes it.”

Make sure you keep up with our lovely Miss CEO at the following:
Personal: http://instagram.com/_beautyabove
Business: http://instagram.com/destinyfulfilledincorped
Email: Destinynfeemster@gmail.com


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