Miss CEO: Shaquailla “Shay” Ravnell


Meet Shaquailla “Shay” Ravnell of Luxe Looks Custom Wigs. Hailing all the way from Jacksonville, Fl, Shay is a senior biology student at the illustrious North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, Where she minors in dance which also happens to be another one of her passions aside from creating wig units.

When you look good, you feel good and confidence in what you’re wearing is very important. Luxe Looks Custom Wigs offers beautifully hand crafted and versatile custom units for the “LuxeDoll in women just like you”. When you’re living out your passion, you are not only doing a service to yourself, but also to the universe. Your Vision will come to life the more time you put into the things you are so passionate about. “I started Luxe Looks simply out of convenience. I was your typical “broke college student”. I loved to keep myself up but couldn’t afford to get my hair done every two to three weeks. I didn’t have a job and the friends I did have, knew nothing about hair but one of my roommates my freshman year was a hairstylist. I didn’t want to keep asking her to do my hair because she was so busy. So instead, I asked her to teach me. We had a crash course on how to lay & sew tracks and since then, it just stuck. For about two years, I was making wigs for myself and always received tons of compliments on my hair. No one ever believed me when I said they were wigs. One day, one of my closest friends asked why I didn’t make them for other people and I had never thought about it. Then, I just went for it. While it was bringing in money, it was also giving me the opportunity to perfect my craft – one unit at a time.” – Miss CEO Shay Ravnell . Shay’s vision for Luxe Looks Custom Wigs is to become one of the top African-American hair enhancement providers, servicing women of all colors across the country. With time and support her vision will become her reality.

The reality of starting a business and growth within your personal life is, you’re going to encounter numerous failures, It’s not about the failures more so how you carry on to reach your goals. “I believe that my past failures motivate me. As of lately, I’ve been inspired to live by this quote by Pastor Steven Furtick. He once mentioned in one of his sermons that “your failures are only fertilizer for your future”. As an up and coming business woman and student, I’ve run into countless failures ranging from failed classes to unsatisfied clients and even though I felt terrible after the situations blew over, I had to make it up in my mind whether or not I was going to let a minor block in the road keep me from my final destination or if I was going to work my way around it. I knew that I never wanted to relive those moments so I view them as seeds that help me grow as an individual.”- Miss Ravnell

When you’re on your individual journey, it’s important to know that you are impacting the world in some way, and someone may be inspired by your journey. “While I know this may not be something that lasts forever, I want to be remembered as someone who positively impacted the attitude and actions of others. I want the people that I come in contact with to remember the inspiring and encouraging words that I shared with them, or the smile I put on their face by just greeting them or speaking blessings over them, whether they are clients or not.” – Shay Ravnell
Women’s empowerment, to me, means just that. The empowering or up building of women. It’s extremely important, especially in today’s society, to exercise women’s empowerment because as sisters, we MUST stick together. Even though we are years removed from the sexism era, we still aren’t too respected by our male counterparts. We’re still very much so being degraded, sexualized and objectified by the men in this society so all we have is each other (and God) to depend on for strength and encouragement. Women’s empowerment teaches us to love on each other as sisters – to encourage and uplift one another and gives us the confidence to do whatever we put our minds to because if we don’t respect each other, we can’t expect others to do the same.”

I Love seeing other women win, I personally feel that it’s necessary to applaud any and every woman, who is stepping out of their comfort zone. Whether it’s starting a Business, an Organization, a Blog, Music etc. Whatever they’re passionate about they have my support, Shay has my support! To make wigs daily and be a full-time student while balancing a social life that’s amazing and inspiring I’m excited to watch her growth over the next few years.
Within the next 5 years, Shay sees herself working as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner at a private practice or children’s hospital in the NC area while still devoting her free time to my small business and hopefully (with God’s help) it’ll have expanded across the country. She plans to host workshops where she holds unit making classes, empowerment forums, giveaways etc. Make sure you keep up with her and check out her StyleSeat for a full list of her services at the links below:


Snap: Wellhibeautiful
Advice from Shay: I’d say never stop believing in yourself and keep your trust in the Lord. No matter how hard it seems, trust God. Never go into a situation doubting yourself. That’s how you set yourself up for failure. Do everything with confidence even if you’re scared. Step out on faith and trust that the Lord will guide your feet every step of the way. Keep your dreams alive. Like the great Langston Hughes says, “Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is like a broken winged bird that cannot fly”.


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