November 4, 2016

img_6558 One year ago today, I decided to go on a journey of Inner Peace, Self Love and Self Motivation. While on this Journey, I made one specific dream my reality; Doses of Jay. I honestly had no real goal set for my blog, I just wanted to create a space to inspire and motivate others who may be going through a rough patch in life. To say ” I’m getting through it, So can you too! Let’s conquer this together”. It is important for my to shine a light on certain aspects of life, because it’s hard to see the good in situations where you feel as though everything is falling apart.

  Writing my first official post was so freeing, I felt as though I was taking my own advice and healing a part of my life that was so damaged. . I had to change the people around me so that I could asset what it was that I needed in order for me to elevate to the next level. Though my personal journey isn’t over, I’m happier with where I am and excited to continue on this path and I have my blog to track my growth!

  Doses of Jay has surpassed my expectations on an international level and I’m forever grateful and humble to have 4,197 subscribers in 20 countries and counting! The support is overwhelming, Thank you to everyone who has ever clicked on my link, shared, liked, commented etc. and Thank you to those who haven’t. My blog is growing along with myself and I couldn’t be more proud of myself!

 My goals going into year 2 is: Continuous growth. I want to branch out into doing my own podcast show, because I feel as though I have a lot more that I want people to hear and read. So expect new things from myself and my evolving brand.

So go subscribe so you’ll never miss your Doses of Jay your favorite Cosmic Butterfly.


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