She is Poetry.


In a world that’s still learning the alphabet,
She was poetry.
The mystery that laid inside, behind that smile and those pretty brown eyes.
Was something he was determined to uncover
She provided a vibe like no other,
He said being with you I found peace and stability
I’ve found the motivation to become a better version of me.
It’s like wishing upon a star in your universe,
God heard me and said this is exactly where you need to be.
You intrigue me, feed me knowledge as our bodies intertwine
Thighs, eyes, lips, face, chests
yours… mine
Once you meet her she’ll leave you mesmerized,
In due time she will unlock the hidden treasures of your mind.
Who is she?
She is me, and he read my soul like poetry.




  1. Soshinie Singh · November 28, 2016


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  2. hopelesslydevotedweb · November 28, 2016

    Loved it!

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