Miss CEO presents: Najee Brown

img_8055  Meet Najee Brown of Jalice & Co., offering Public Relations and Event Planning services from organizing personal or branding events, photo shoots, videoshoots and websites to writing press releases, social media management and network building. “I’m an event planner and publicist. I often refer to myself and my circle of like-minded friends as “creatives”. A creative is someone who thinks outside of the box and allows those thoughts and ideas to manifest into beautiful things whether it be through events, painting, dancing, poetry, blogging, etc.” -Najee Brown

Jalice & Co. is a boutique Public Relations and Event Planning firm. Najee’s vision behind the company is to offer other small businesses and individuals of the fashion and arts industries assistance in branding themselves through special events and creative marketing. The logo is a crown symbolizing the importance of her brand as “Queen Naj” and ensuring that every client or partner walks away with the thoughts of being treated like royalty and glorified as the King or Queen that they are. I love Najee’s vision behind her company, essentially we are all Queens and Kings in our own rights and her Brand as Queen Naj is a refreshing take on “Treat other how you want to be treated”. In my opinion perception is everything, how someone perceives you to be is often how they treat you, Najee is nothing short of Miss CEO.

The Miss CEO series is Women’s Empowerment. Highlighting Educated, Young, Talent, Fierce Queens who’ve turned their passion into a business. I ask every Queen the same question: What does Women Empowerment mean to you? And why is it important in today’s society? “Women empowerment is supporting and honoring the beauty, work ethics and spirits of all women; no matter the color, shape or size. Women empowerment is so important to me and more importantly in our male dominated society because if we don’t push and motivate one another than who will? Women have always been seen as less than or incapable of completing the same tasks of men when in actuality this world continue to revolves because of the presence of women. Procreation, teaching, understanding are just a few of the things men rely on from us. As a black woman, I already have a double negative in the eyes of society. I love seeing other black women move beyond that stigma and prove those who doubt us wrong. We’re amazing, we’re beautiful, we’re powerful and it’s up to us to make that a point.” -Najee Brown, Miss CEO

Stating your own brand/company is not easy, as Najee stated we live in a male dominated society where it isn’t expected for a woman to excel on the same level as a man. I applaud Najee and other Women who are taking the risk of starting a company and fueling their passions! It motivates me to see someone’s hard work and determination come to life. Najee has always had a Knack for event planning, she truly enjoyed creating the aesthetics for an event, organizing every detail behind the scenes and watching her vision come to life. Najee entered college knowing that she wanted to open her own facility so entrepreneurship was never a question, however; she was on the wrong path. We all go through a phase in life where what we think we should be doing overshadows what we’re passionate about, and college is where you question EVERYTHING that confirm or denies that path that we’re on.

Self evaluation is always the answer. “I began to study more about myself with the help of the career department and after many conversations with mentors, I realized the arts and communication field was my calling. I chose to focus in Public Relations as I knew I was a strong writer and had an interest in marketing. I was involved in more than 12 organizations on campus all of which I helped coordinate large and small-scale events. By the conclusion of my sophomore year I knew events was something I could see myself pursuing full-time. By the summer of my Junior year I launched Jalice & Co.” Najee’s biggest inspiration in flesh would be her mother. As a black, female entrepreneur she instilled so many values and lessons that she connects to her personal and business endeavors.

Within the next 5 years, Najee will continue work towards making Jalice & Co. Bi-Coastal and building a facility to house all of the aspects of the company. “My goals for the company for 2017 are to continue to build and strengthen clientele relationships, have 2-3 branding events each month, begin to network within the Atlanta event and entertainment market and seek an internship with a wedding planner to gain more experience in preparation to adding wedding planning to our list of services.” Until then please keep up with Najee on her journey of success at the follow below ( also book her for to create your next event):
Instagram: http://instagram.com/jaliceandco
Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/jaliceandco
Email: Najeebrown@gmail.com
Website: http://www.jaliceandco.com/inquiry-form

Instagram: http://instagram.com/najeejalice
Facebook: Najee Jalice Brown
Snapchat: NajeeJalice
Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/najeejalice

Advice from Miss CEO: “My advice to anyone trying to build a brand or company is never hesitate or be afraid to make decisions that can potentially benefit you even if that means at the expense of other situations or relationships. Stay focused and determined, work hard of course but always remain humble, always seek more knowledge, NEVER stop learning. The biggest lesson I learned in 2016 is to listen to your intuition and don’t allow your happiness or success to be at the expense of others. Find something that you can use as an escape when needed and reflect on your progress daily, weekly, monthly, etc. Follow YOUR dreams and turn that passion into profit!”


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