Guest Blog by Terrell Jones: How to Overcome Any Problem.

How To Overcome Any Problem?


Since we’re human, that guarantee’s one thing will happen throughout college and our life…

We’ll make mistakes or run into some type of drama, controversy or challenge. That’s why it’s important to stay aways from the BOZO’s and surround yourself with ambitious people within a circle of like-minded students.


You also need a few other tricks up your sleeve to overcome problems you’ll face.

Here’s 3 secrets you can use for the next problem you run into:

1) Focus on the bigger picture – When drama starts or you run into a brick wall, don’t let that stop you. Immediately think “Ok, what’s important here and what do I need to focus on to reach my goal?” It’s stupid that so many people continue to spend time on things that really don’t matter on the path to achieving their goals. I know that’s not you, but how well have you really been staying focused on the dream or goal in the mist of problems?

2) Be conscious about your thoughts – It’s important that you noticed where your thoughts are going. Fearful? Angry? Sad? Nervous? Be willing to explore that and ask yourself “Is that really true?” Take a step back and look at your thought’s from a 3rd party perspective and analyze if those thoughts and emotions are going to help you reach your outcome.

3) Anticipate problems before you have them – This one is best when you can do it ahead of time. For me, I like to wake up in the morning and ask “What can go wrong today?” I know it sounds negative but one of the most important skills in becoming successful is anticipating problems and being able to overcome them. So even if you still do run into the challenge, you’re better equipped to handle it because you thought about it already.

These are a few things that work for me and the hundreds of students I’ve been blessed to train through my books, blogs, speeches and social media platforms.

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Terrell Jones is a college graduation mentor, passionate about ending the epidemic of college dropouts and struggling students. He’s creating a movement to influence and mentor students across the country via his online trainings and live speeches to maximize college using his infamous Graduation Trifecta model and college achievement strategies.


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