Miss CEO Presents: Me’Ocia Rumph

Meet Me’Ocia Rumph of ‘To Be Alluring Beauty’ a tenacious Charlotte, NC based make-up artist, to be alluring is to be powerfully and mysteriously attractive or fascinating. As a beauty brand and company that is what Me’Ocia wants every client who comes to her to take with them. Make up doesn’t “hide” who you are as most people like to say, make up enhances your beauty and brings out a fierceness some didn’t even know they had within themselves.


When you are passionate about something it is a must that you bring your passions to life, especially when it comes to your career if you don’t follow through on your passions you’ll spend the rest of your life working to fulfill someone else passion. Miss CEO knew from a young age that working for someone else was something she couldn’t and would do, thus the birth of ‘To Be Alluring’. “In an industry like beauty it is a lot easier and a lot more rewarding to have your own company/brand than it is to work for someone else.  I know what I want out of life and nothing or no one will ever be able to get in the way of that. This brand is and always will be so much bigger than just me and I’m going to do everything in my power to make it as big and successful as it can possibly be.”


When you truly enjoy what, you do it will not feel like a “Job” or “work”, because every day that you wake up and get to do what you love is a reward within itself. What you are doing without even knowing is impacting the world and someone can be motivated to do the same by following their passion. “My biggest motivator is knowing that God did not give me this talent or bring me this far for no reason. Having a career that does not feel like work and allows me to empower, motivate, and sometimes just be the friend that my client needs is all the motivation I need.” “My clients. Although it is my job to give them a certain confidence that they may not have otherwise my clients inspire me more than they’ll ever know. Even on my worst days my clients are what keep me motivated.”


We all leave an impact on the world whether we know it or not, we all should strive to leave a positive impact ultimately the way we impact others will become a part of our legacy. “I want to make a lasting impression on anyone I touch through my artistry rather it be physically doing their makeup or them just seeing my work. I feel like there’s so much more to makeup and the beauty industry in general than the act of doing the service.” – Miss CEO


Within the next 5 years Miss CEO Me’Ocia see her brand growing beyond makeup artistry and into a cosmetic company. She plans to become a licensed aesthetician so that she can provide more services such as lash extensions, Botox, waxing, etc., however her long-term goal is to start my own cosmetic line. Until then make sure you book your appointment with her for an alluring experience




Social Media Accounts:




Personal: http://instagram.com/ocieeee


Business: http://instagram.com/tobealluring



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