Emotionally Over It

Have you ever been in a situation where someone joked about a sensitive subject with you, like not some random person, but someone who know how things effect you.

These type of people honestly irritate me because they’re destructive to the healing process, when you know better you do better and by being in my space that means you know better. It’s like knowing someone is allergic to a food and you bring the food around, they have an allergic reaction and you say “oh my bad I knew you couldn’t eat it I feel bad now”. No you don’t

I can’t offer any real advice on how to deal with these people because I’m still trying to figure out myself and I hardly ever accept apologies, especially when I know that you knew better and you’re only “sorry” because you didn’t “think” I’d react a certain way. However, what I will say it try not to lash out, definitely internalize how you feel in the moment because your feelings and thoughts are important! If you still want those person in your life then dictate how much they’re apart of your life, if you feel the need to create distance do that.

Healing is about you and nobody else, even those you choose to share intimate details of your healing with, they’re there for you and your process. If you have to say look I’m emotionally over dealing with you on a level of sharing something with a deep impact on my life, say that verbalize everything that makes you emotionally uncomfortable.

Don’t walk on eggshells for no one but don’t go around making people feel like crap either, find a healthy balance between expressing how you feel and not tolerating total bull from people making a joke about whatever you’re going through. We’re all trying to figure ourselves out and fulfill our destinies in the universe. I appreciate those who I confide in, you all genuinely make a conscious effort to understand and that’s amazing.


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