President : Aaron Nash of TheGifted0

Meet President of TheGifted0 apparel Aaron Nash, a fashion designer, I’m a natural born leader, innovator, revolutionary thinker and creative Director. “I consider myself a WOLF someone who sniffs out opportunity like BLOOD”. Having that mentality is great, especially in the world of entrepreneurship, it can be difficult to see other opportunities to enhance your business/brand so this mindset of always seeking out opportunities will take you places you never imagined going.

TheGifted0 is the next major sportswear/streetwear brand in the world, “Our motto at TheGifted0 is exclusivity one of my influences that I didn’t mention is Dapper Dan we don’t just wanna be another brand selling you what we think you should wear. We want to create a free market for our customers to where they can customize and tailor the gear they wish to buy and wear. The website will be launching soon with traditional products and custom limited products as well.” The option to customize apparel is in my opinion underrated, not only do you get to support amazing brands you also get the luxury of creating art, sort of like a collaboration! It’s truly “a design with you in mind”.

“I started my business/brand after I wrote a list of things I was good at and really they were all pointing towards fashion/stylistic/creative talents so I jumped in that water haven’t looked back since.”

Someone once told me that jumping is the easier adrenaline filled part, it’s the aftermath of either landing on your feet or falling flat on your face that’s the terrifying thing, but regardless of either option as long as you get up and keep going that’s all that matters. Staying motivated through the journey of entrepreneurship can be a challenge but if you can see it in your mind you can hold it in your hands. “What motivates me to keep going? I feel I’m God Given and by that I mean my talent/drive is a gift from God it’s quite hard to explain I feel like I was chosen or destined. People have always been drawn to me because of my charisma, my energy is contagious. Under Armour is my biggest motivation I like how they started from a basement and now they’re a billion dollar corporation. PIMP C, Nipsey Hussle, Jimi Hendrix and Edgar Allan Poe are also some of my influences.”

Having an impact on this world is inevitable, your ability to leave a positive impact is not, you get to decide what type of impact and legacy you want to create. “I wanna impact the world positively I wanna be someone that people at the bottom of the totem pole can look at and be like I can be just like him if not better. That’s my ultimate goal as a humanitarian is to inspire, cultivate and lead others.”

“I see myself going far in 5 years. I’m at that stage in my life where I feel like I can conquer anything ( VENI.VIDI.VICI ) as I would say. My hunger will prevail me it’s gotten me this far and I’m only growing over night. I just have to constantly remind myself that Rome nor Nike was built in a day it takes time you must relish the ground work. You have to master every day that’s how you make a whole year count.”

“I offer a variety of products and services clothing of course, sportswear but we are also putting together a marketing agency titled: TheRedApeAgency which is basically just a marketing firm that will service underd0gs and put together strategic marketing campaigns for all of our clients.”

Vision, passion, creating a space where your talents can grow is important in very aspect of life and the career you choose. Without properly nourishing your talents can you truly “follow your dreams? TheGifted0 is a Brand with a vision, definitive passion and a space where their talents can grow, I’m here for it now and what it’ll be in the next few year. Keep up with TheGifted0 on all social media at: @Gifted0Prez @TheGifted0

“ I want TheGifted0 to be a brand that represents survival, perseverance and LEADERSHIP.”



Jae Breeze

Meet Jae Breeze a down to earth Artist from Littleton, NC (252). “. I set the bar and challenge myself and others with everything that I do. As an artist, I can describe myself as the future of the new wave. I say that because of my unique style and effort to make music that’s relatable to the listener. As an artist, if you don’t have a connection with the listener, then they will not listen to what you have to say.”

Writing since 2008 and recording since 2011, Jae Breeze is inspired and motivated by the reactions of his listeners. Music impacts everyone’s lives at some point where it’s for a quick turn up or the lyrics hit home for whatever you’re going through at the time, as an artist creating something that is authentic makes consumers of your work appreciative, in turn inspiring them and allowing them to relate to you as they see themselves. Jae Breeze exemplifies to a T, “The reaction from the listeners keeps me going, along with my family. When you have that type of support system behind you 100 percent, you must be motivated by that. When God sees that potential in you and creates new paths towards it, you’re supposed to keep going through the motivation you just received.”

I appreciate when artists are vulnerable and truthful in their music, it shows that they’re human and they may have gone through some tough times but they grew from it in most cases, Jae Breeze is one of those artist that is true to himself and translate within his music, I support that to the fullest listening to his music gives off great vibes. “I want my music to impact the world to a sense where more people will be moved and motivated to tell there “TRUE” story behind their music. I specified “TRUE” the way I did because I feel like artists, especially the ones in the area, feel as if they must live a lie to get by. If that was the case, then there would be no Jae Breeze, no Jo$hua Sheeran, etc. Once you choose the route you want to take with your music, you have to continue to walk it.” “The ‘Breeze’ behind Jae explains it all. I’m giving your that wavy, smooth type of sound that’s not going to go unnoticed. The true stories, events, lyricism, and metaphors are the things that makes up my musical sound.”

The music industry is a vast one full of different sounds, artist etc. personally the industry/consumers doesn’t know what it’s missing until its created and heard. By missing I mean when I hear a song that’s not what I usually hear on the radio constantly, I always asking myself “where has this been”, “I miss this sound/type/style of music”, “I need more of this. Hearing artist with distinctive and different sounds is refreshing and greatly appreciated. Commercial or mainstream Hip-Hop is cool for turn up occasions but I for one love great lyricism throughout a song. “Personally, I don’t feel like its missing anything. It’s more like what we have lost, because whatever is missing has already happened before in the music industry. I feel like we have lost Hip-Hop. We can’t even say that today’s music is real hip-hop. The only thing that I hear now a day are repetitive lyrics, catchy hooks and beats. Where are the lyrics within the verses? They make no sense like many artists do not take time out no more to take pride in their pen skills. I want my music to bring that type of feel back, to where the listeners will remember more than your hook.”

Within the next five years you can expect for Jae Breeze to still create music and expanding outside of the music to a food business in which he has already started called ‘The Craving Pit’ with a friend and brother. “We’re a chicken wings food business that applies different sauces to the wings to add to the crispy, tasty texture of the wing itself. I also see myself having a career still with the music because the love for it will never die. But, as an artist, I see myself expanding my talents beyond the music and that’s where my food business comes into play. I like to eat, but I love to cook.” Make sure you all keep bumping his music and order some food (I need a plate asap), follow Jae Breeze on all social media too stay updated on any performances and releases.

INSIDE EXCLUSIVE: Jae Breeze is currently working on a new project for the wintertime entitled ‘Intuition’ and the first single “Money Problems will be re-dropping, along with the premiere video for it during the summertime. Stay tuned for the new vibes.

Advice from Jae Breeze: Create your own craft and sound. Be your own artist and push that pen. Honestly, because I love lyrics and if your bars are great, I’m a fan.

Social Media:

Instagram – @therealjaebreeze

Twitter – @musikisinmysoul

Snapchat – @jaebreeze



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Miss CEO Presents: Me’Ocia Rumph

Meet Me’Ocia Rumph of ‘To Be Alluring Beauty’ a tenacious Charlotte, NC based make-up artist, to be alluring is to be powerfully and mysteriously attractive or fascinating. As a beauty brand and company that is what Me’Ocia wants every client who comes to her to take with them. Make up doesn’t “hide” who you are as most people like to say, make up enhances your beauty and brings out a fierceness some didn’t even know they had within themselves.


When you are passionate about something it is a must that you bring your passions to life, especially when it comes to your career if you don’t follow through on your passions you’ll spend the rest of your life working to fulfill someone else passion. Miss CEO knew from a young age that working for someone else was something she couldn’t and would do, thus the birth of ‘To Be Alluring’. “In an industry like beauty it is a lot easier and a lot more rewarding to have your own company/brand than it is to work for someone else.  I know what I want out of life and nothing or no one will ever be able to get in the way of that. This brand is and always will be so much bigger than just me and I’m going to do everything in my power to make it as big and successful as it can possibly be.”


When you truly enjoy what, you do it will not feel like a “Job” or “work”, because every day that you wake up and get to do what you love is a reward within itself. What you are doing without even knowing is impacting the world and someone can be motivated to do the same by following their passion. “My biggest motivator is knowing that God did not give me this talent or bring me this far for no reason. Having a career that does not feel like work and allows me to empower, motivate, and sometimes just be the friend that my client needs is all the motivation I need.” “My clients. Although it is my job to give them a certain confidence that they may not have otherwise my clients inspire me more than they’ll ever know. Even on my worst days my clients are what keep me motivated.”


We all leave an impact on the world whether we know it or not, we all should strive to leave a positive impact ultimately the way we impact others will become a part of our legacy. “I want to make a lasting impression on anyone I touch through my artistry rather it be physically doing their makeup or them just seeing my work. I feel like there’s so much more to makeup and the beauty industry in general than the act of doing the service.” – Miss CEO


Within the next 5 years Miss CEO Me’Ocia see her brand growing beyond makeup artistry and into a cosmetic company. She plans to become a licensed aesthetician so that she can provide more services such as lash extensions, Botox, waxing, etc., however her long-term goal is to start my own cosmetic line. Until then make sure you book your appointment with her for an alluring experience




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Guest Blog by Terrell Jones: How to Overcome Any Problem.

How To Overcome Any Problem?


Since we’re human, that guarantee’s one thing will happen throughout college and our life…

We’ll make mistakes or run into some type of drama, controversy or challenge. That’s why it’s important to stay aways from the BOZO’s and surround yourself with ambitious people within a circle of like-minded students.


You also need a few other tricks up your sleeve to overcome problems you’ll face.

Here’s 3 secrets you can use for the next problem you run into:

1) Focus on the bigger picture – When drama starts or you run into a brick wall, don’t let that stop you. Immediately think “Ok, what’s important here and what do I need to focus on to reach my goal?” It’s stupid that so many people continue to spend time on things that really don’t matter on the path to achieving their goals. I know that’s not you, but how well have you really been staying focused on the dream or goal in the mist of problems?

2) Be conscious about your thoughts – It’s important that you noticed where your thoughts are going. Fearful? Angry? Sad? Nervous? Be willing to explore that and ask yourself “Is that really true?” Take a step back and look at your thought’s from a 3rd party perspective and analyze if those thoughts and emotions are going to help you reach your outcome.

3) Anticipate problems before you have them – This one is best when you can do it ahead of time. For me, I like to wake up in the morning and ask “What can go wrong today?” I know it sounds negative but one of the most important skills in becoming successful is anticipating problems and being able to overcome them. So even if you still do run into the challenge, you’re better equipped to handle it because you thought about it already.

These are a few things that work for me and the hundreds of students I’ve been blessed to train through my books, blogs, speeches and social media platforms.

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Here’s 3 Proven Secrets to Help You Graduate on Time:

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Terrell Jones is a college graduation mentor, passionate about ending the epidemic of college dropouts and struggling students. He’s creating a movement to influence and mentor students across the country via his online trainings and live speeches to maximize college using his infamous Graduation Trifecta model and college achievement strategies.

Miss CEO presents: Najee Brown

img_8055  Meet Najee Brown of Jalice & Co., offering Public Relations and Event Planning services from organizing personal or branding events, photo shoots, videoshoots and websites to writing press releases, social media management and network building. “I’m an event planner and publicist. I often refer to myself and my circle of like-minded friends as “creatives”. A creative is someone who thinks outside of the box and allows those thoughts and ideas to manifest into beautiful things whether it be through events, painting, dancing, poetry, blogging, etc.” -Najee Brown

Jalice & Co. is a boutique Public Relations and Event Planning firm. Najee’s vision behind the company is to offer other small businesses and individuals of the fashion and arts industries assistance in branding themselves through special events and creative marketing. The logo is a crown symbolizing the importance of her brand as “Queen Naj” and ensuring that every client or partner walks away with the thoughts of being treated like royalty and glorified as the King or Queen that they are. I love Najee’s vision behind her company, essentially we are all Queens and Kings in our own rights and her Brand as Queen Naj is a refreshing take on “Treat other how you want to be treated”. In my opinion perception is everything, how someone perceives you to be is often how they treat you, Najee is nothing short of Miss CEO.

The Miss CEO series is Women’s Empowerment. Highlighting Educated, Young, Talent, Fierce Queens who’ve turned their passion into a business. I ask every Queen the same question: What does Women Empowerment mean to you? And why is it important in today’s society? “Women empowerment is supporting and honoring the beauty, work ethics and spirits of all women; no matter the color, shape or size. Women empowerment is so important to me and more importantly in our male dominated society because if we don’t push and motivate one another than who will? Women have always been seen as less than or incapable of completing the same tasks of men when in actuality this world continue to revolves because of the presence of women. Procreation, teaching, understanding are just a few of the things men rely on from us. As a black woman, I already have a double negative in the eyes of society. I love seeing other black women move beyond that stigma and prove those who doubt us wrong. We’re amazing, we’re beautiful, we’re powerful and it’s up to us to make that a point.” -Najee Brown, Miss CEO

Stating your own brand/company is not easy, as Najee stated we live in a male dominated society where it isn’t expected for a woman to excel on the same level as a man. I applaud Najee and other Women who are taking the risk of starting a company and fueling their passions! It motivates me to see someone’s hard work and determination come to life. Najee has always had a Knack for event planning, she truly enjoyed creating the aesthetics for an event, organizing every detail behind the scenes and watching her vision come to life. Najee entered college knowing that she wanted to open her own facility so entrepreneurship was never a question, however; she was on the wrong path. We all go through a phase in life where what we think we should be doing overshadows what we’re passionate about, and college is where you question EVERYTHING that confirm or denies that path that we’re on.

Self evaluation is always the answer. “I began to study more about myself with the help of the career department and after many conversations with mentors, I realized the arts and communication field was my calling. I chose to focus in Public Relations as I knew I was a strong writer and had an interest in marketing. I was involved in more than 12 organizations on campus all of which I helped coordinate large and small-scale events. By the conclusion of my sophomore year I knew events was something I could see myself pursuing full-time. By the summer of my Junior year I launched Jalice & Co.” Najee’s biggest inspiration in flesh would be her mother. As a black, female entrepreneur she instilled so many values and lessons that she connects to her personal and business endeavors.

Within the next 5 years, Najee will continue work towards making Jalice & Co. Bi-Coastal and building a facility to house all of the aspects of the company. “My goals for the company for 2017 are to continue to build and strengthen clientele relationships, have 2-3 branding events each month, begin to network within the Atlanta event and entertainment market and seek an internship with a wedding planner to gain more experience in preparation to adding wedding planning to our list of services.” Until then please keep up with Najee on her journey of success at the follow below ( also book her for to create your next event):

Facebook: Najee Jalice Brown
Snapchat: NajeeJalice

Advice from Miss CEO: “My advice to anyone trying to build a brand or company is never hesitate or be afraid to make decisions that can potentially benefit you even if that means at the expense of other situations or relationships. Stay focused and determined, work hard of course but always remain humble, always seek more knowledge, NEVER stop learning. The biggest lesson I learned in 2016 is to listen to your intuition and don’t allow your happiness or success to be at the expense of others. Find something that you can use as an escape when needed and reflect on your progress daily, weekly, monthly, etc. Follow YOUR dreams and turn that passion into profit!”

Miss CEO: Shaquailla “Shay” Ravnell


Meet Shaquailla “Shay” Ravnell of Luxe Looks Custom Wigs. Hailing all the way from Jacksonville, Fl, Shay is a senior biology student at the illustrious North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, Where she minors in dance which also happens to be another one of her passions aside from creating wig units.

When you look good, you feel good and confidence in what you’re wearing is very important. Luxe Looks Custom Wigs offers beautifully hand crafted and versatile custom units for the “LuxeDoll in women just like you”. When you’re living out your passion, you are not only doing a service to yourself, but also to the universe. Your Vision will come to life the more time you put into the things you are so passionate about. “I started Luxe Looks simply out of convenience. I was your typical “broke college student”. I loved to keep myself up but couldn’t afford to get my hair done every two to three weeks. I didn’t have a job and the friends I did have, knew nothing about hair but one of my roommates my freshman year was a hairstylist. I didn’t want to keep asking her to do my hair because she was so busy. So instead, I asked her to teach me. We had a crash course on how to lay & sew tracks and since then, it just stuck. For about two years, I was making wigs for myself and always received tons of compliments on my hair. No one ever believed me when I said they were wigs. One day, one of my closest friends asked why I didn’t make them for other people and I had never thought about it. Then, I just went for it. While it was bringing in money, it was also giving me the opportunity to perfect my craft – one unit at a time.” – Miss CEO Shay Ravnell . Shay’s vision for Luxe Looks Custom Wigs is to become one of the top African-American hair enhancement providers, servicing women of all colors across the country. With time and support her vision will become her reality.

The reality of starting a business and growth within your personal life is, you’re going to encounter numerous failures, It’s not about the failures more so how you carry on to reach your goals. “I believe that my past failures motivate me. As of lately, I’ve been inspired to live by this quote by Pastor Steven Furtick. He once mentioned in one of his sermons that “your failures are only fertilizer for your future”. As an up and coming business woman and student, I’ve run into countless failures ranging from failed classes to unsatisfied clients and even though I felt terrible after the situations blew over, I had to make it up in my mind whether or not I was going to let a minor block in the road keep me from my final destination or if I was going to work my way around it. I knew that I never wanted to relive those moments so I view them as seeds that help me grow as an individual.”- Miss Ravnell

When you’re on your individual journey, it’s important to know that you are impacting the world in some way, and someone may be inspired by your journey. “While I know this may not be something that lasts forever, I want to be remembered as someone who positively impacted the attitude and actions of others. I want the people that I come in contact with to remember the inspiring and encouraging words that I shared with them, or the smile I put on their face by just greeting them or speaking blessings over them, whether they are clients or not.” – Shay Ravnell
Women’s empowerment, to me, means just that. The empowering or up building of women. It’s extremely important, especially in today’s society, to exercise women’s empowerment because as sisters, we MUST stick together. Even though we are years removed from the sexism era, we still aren’t too respected by our male counterparts. We’re still very much so being degraded, sexualized and objectified by the men in this society so all we have is each other (and God) to depend on for strength and encouragement. Women’s empowerment teaches us to love on each other as sisters – to encourage and uplift one another and gives us the confidence to do whatever we put our minds to because if we don’t respect each other, we can’t expect others to do the same.”

I Love seeing other women win, I personally feel that it’s necessary to applaud any and every woman, who is stepping out of their comfort zone. Whether it’s starting a Business, an Organization, a Blog, Music etc. Whatever they’re passionate about they have my support, Shay has my support! To make wigs daily and be a full-time student while balancing a social life that’s amazing and inspiring I’m excited to watch her growth over the next few years.
Within the next 5 years, Shay sees herself working as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner at a private practice or children’s hospital in the NC area while still devoting her free time to my small business and hopefully (with God’s help) it’ll have expanded across the country. She plans to host workshops where she holds unit making classes, empowerment forums, giveaways etc. Make sure you keep up with her and check out her StyleSeat for a full list of her services at the links below:


Snap: Wellhibeautiful
Advice from Shay: I’d say never stop believing in yourself and keep your trust in the Lord. No matter how hard it seems, trust God. Never go into a situation doubting yourself. That’s how you set yourself up for failure. Do everything with confidence even if you’re scared. Step out on faith and trust that the Lord will guide your feet every step of the way. Keep your dreams alive. Like the great Langston Hughes says, “Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is like a broken winged bird that cannot fly”.

Miss CEO: Destiny Feemster


Miss CEO

Meet Destiny Feemster of Destiny Fulfilled Enterprises Inc. a 22-year-old ambitious, innovative and bold business woman from a small town. Innovation Consultant, Chief Executive Officer and a HBCU Graduate with a B.B.A. in Marketing & Finance.

 When I first met Destiny, her energy was high and very positive. The way she spoke life into other women was very refreshing to see, because we as women are coming out of an era in which I personally feel, like we tore each other down rather than lifting each other up. The questions then becomes ” What happens to Women empowerment? What does it mean to you? and Why is it important in today’s society?”
Women Empowerment to me means being able to accomplish your personal goals, break barriers and still support the next Queen beside you. It’s important in today’s society because we as women should understand that celebrating another doesn’t dim your light and together we are stronger.” – Destiny Feemster.

 We all need motivation to keep us going, especially when Life gets real and you’re faced with obstacles you weren’t quite prepared for, but there’s beauty in the struggle and once you find that, it should motivate you to push forward. When that happens to Destiny here’s how she find the beauty in the struggle, “Overcoming obstacles motivates me. Knowing that I made it this far and I can keep going, make an actual impact on those around me and potentially change the millennial game in regards to business. The thing that keeps me going is my mentee and my siblings – primarily. I impact them and they impact me; they reach out to and depend on me to be there for them. And of course my supporters!” – Miss Feemster.

 Now that you know about the woman behind the brand, it’s time to uncover the Vision of Destiny Fulfilled and what this Brand/Company has to offer. The overall vision for Destiny Fulfilled Enterprises is to expand into a multi-million dollar company with the current and additional avenues within our business model. Providing women with a massive, effective network of like-minded individuals to empower, inspire and unite would be the ideal mark for Destiny Fulfilled Enterprises. And of course women’s empowerment. Offering a range of services such as: The Glam Shop with their popular Queenin’ T-shirt and accessories; Professional Inspirations which includes web design, advertisements, innovation consultations and an array of events; and lastly our annual service project, The Ultimate Prom Glam. Impacting the world and uplifting women one fabulous service at a time. “The impact I want to have on the world is that is okay to live your life boldly, effectively uplift the community and to encourage everyone to accept what they cannot change, and lastly plan for longevity.” – Miss CEO.

 Within the next five years, Destiny sees herself as a successful business and community leader, engrossed in the expansion of Destiny Fulfilled Enterprises nationwide, providing fellow entrepreneurs and women with the up most support through her innovation consultations, professional influence and movement. As well as obtaining her Masters of International Business.

Some advice from Destiny, “keep going! Do not ever give up or allow anyone who is not where you would like to be – influence your decisions. You can and will make it – as long as you remain determined, enthusiastic and transparent. People will call you crazy until your crazy ass makes it.”

Make sure you keep up with our lovely Miss CEO at the following:

Drugstore Makeup Faves

I enjoy watching YouTube tutorials about hair and makeup, However I don’t enjoy spending hundreds of dollars on makeup lol! Plus the drugstore is super convenient it’s literally one on every corner (in my area). Don’t get me wrong I am a Ulta and Sephora rewards card members but some of my favorite products comes from the drugstore.

1. Maybelline FitMe Foundation: Matte and Dewy finish (I’m in the shade 355 coconut)
2. Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser
3. Maybelline Fit Me Concealer
4.Wet n Wild MegaLast Retractable liner (Favorite Brow Pencil)
5. CoverGirl TruBlend Concealer
6. CoverGirl Translucent Powder
7. CoverGirl TruBlend Naturally Luminous Bronzer (loose power it’s AMAZING)
8. Milani Amore Matte Lip Cream
9. Milani Moisture Mattes
10. NYX Matte Lip Creams
11. Wet n Wild Highlight
12. Milani Baked Blush
13. MaxFactorX Velvet Mascara
14. MaxFactorX Velvet Liquid Eyeliner
This list can go on an on but these are pretty much all of the products I use on a day-to-day basis! If you would like a Part II leave a comment below! 💋

Ced Brown


Meet Cedric “Ced” Brown, Former member of Local (Charlotte, NC) group Dozer Crew. “My stage name is a big part of who I am as a junior to my father but also as an individual I am myself. I like for my music to carry the weight of my emotions I am dealing with during that particular time period”.

When you’re doing what you love, you may begin to subconsciously compare the ground work you’ve put in, to that of someone else who started literally the same place as you. Ced found himself in this position, however he kept pressing forward. “Some of my biggest inspirations with music were my old group mates. There were times when I wanted to quit because of the lack of growth I had compared to the other two who started the same time as myself. They helped push me to where I am now”. “My motivation to keep going is my own son. There’s so much beautiful music in the world and even if I don’t make it big. I want him to know that I wasn’t half-hearted trying just for a quick come up.” – Ced Brown

In my opinion being an artist is about nurturing your passion, creating your art and sharing it with the world no matter how it’s perceived by the people. You honestly never know how much your art can impact someone until you put it out there for it to be received. Ced said something that will stick with me for a lifetime! ” My music cannot impact the world unless it impacts myself first. I’ve had fleeting moments where I thought “this is it” but quickly second guessed it. So I don’t know how I want it to impact the world til I feel that impact myself“. What I take from this is the simple message of “how does this make me feel personally?”. In the time that you take to nurture your passion ask yourself how does (insert your art) impact your life? And you can thank Ced Brown for sharing light on a question some rarely ask themselves.

Throughout the next 5 years, Ced will dabble in Production and engineering, while putting the finishing touches on his first album entitled Re:Member/[Untitled], an EP He’s working on soon after with a close friend named FKA Denim. Until the release of his album you all can check out his previous work strictly at the links below also follow him on social media:

Snapchat: Mellowtoo_hype

Advice from Ced Brown:
Whatever happens, do not stop doing whatever it is you want to do. You’ll regret it for the rest of your life. If you don’t have regrets, you never wanted it that badly.”

Support Black Owned Businesses

I’ve made it a goal of mine to give back and to support my community. This includes the area in which I live and also the African-American Community. It’s important to me to support black owned businesses, especially now because ‘We’ as a whole are going through a time where it seems as if we’ll never “Make it”. In my opinion, we never will if we fail to uplift and support each other. Below is a list of ‘Black Owned Businesses’ and the services they provide. Please spread the word and show your support even if it’s a simple Retweet or Repost on Instagram.

Jalice & Co.
PR and Event Planning

Millennium Solutions,LLC
Event Production/Planning

Retrospekt Media Inc.
Brand Management

The Mental Elephant
Nonprofit Organization that focuses on spreading mental health awareness to youth, and the African-American community.

Elite Homes of the Carolinas
Real Estate

Retorspekt Clothing
“The essence of fashion is not defined by the ones eager to follow trends it’s by the ones bold enough to make them…”

Higher Learnin’ Clothing
“Higher Learnin’ endeavors to endorse a positive message that encourages success in children and young adults of all socio-economic, ethnic, and educational backgrounds. The message will encourage these individuals to reach their goals by striving for excellence in all areas including emotional health, social relationships, and educational opportunities”.


*FLAW Lifestyle
“We are a lifestyle we don’t just want to sell products, We want people to Embrace their flaws, Love their flaws and learn to live with their flaws”

Hair Care
– Miss Jessie’s
– Shea Moisture
-Curl Box
– CocotiQue
– Mixed Chicks
– Kim Kimble
– Curls
– Camillie Rose Naturals
– Alikay Naturals
– Mainelement:love
– Darcy’s Botanicals

– Fashion Fair
– Shea Moisture
– KA’Oir Cosmetics
– IMAN Cosmetics
– Black Up Cosmetics
– Magnolia Makeup
– Sashe Cosmetics
– Black Radiance
– Ginger + Liz

Message: If you know of any Black Owned Businesses that are not apart of this list, Please email The business, services provided and website or contact info. To with ‘Black Owned Business’ as the subject. There will be a Part II to this list. Thank you , Jay.

* If this business has ‘*’ Be sure to check out their individual feature on my blog.

Personal IG: @DosesofJay
Blog IG: @TheDosesofJay
Twitter: @ Harlems_Belle