I Am Art: @SonofSimba

imageI stumbled across this creation and was absolutely amazed. When I look at this, I see a man who is in tune with the universe. All chakras are open and his light is bright, rather than living his is existing with his own galaxy. I am a fan of this artists work, and had to Feature him.

Jarome has been creating art all of his life. Art to him is something that you feel, something that takes emotion to make and you feel emotion when you see it, art is intellectual, art makes you think. the harder you think the better the art. The moment he decided to share his creations with the world was in the 6th grade, He was always interested in graffiti and asked his mom if He could spray paint the old barn in his back yard and she said “go for it!” so that’s exactly what He did.

“Being creative to me simply means being you and expressing yourself.” Jarome’s art has no boundaries, and it never will. He draws inspiration from everyone, from the unmotivated to the dream conquers.A few note worthy names are Demont Pinder, Aaron maybin, Eric Thomas, Raymond Bartlett, and CT. Fletcher just to name a few. Along with his faith in God and being the best version of himself, is what keeps him going.

His advice to those just starting out, is to draw every line as if it was meant to be, get out of your comfort zone, and stay consistent. You can support Jarome by
Buying art, getting murals painted at their school , church, or house. You all can also support by sharing his art on social media.

“I don’t make art for me I make art for the world.”

Making art for the world rather than yourself, to me means that you are fulling your role in the universe. In my opinion, If you are talented in a certain area and choose to suppress rather than express,Ultimately you’re cheating yourself. So always share your art and light the world, because the universe will thank you.


I Am Art: Raheem Pounds

imageI’ve been following Raheem’s art for a while and I’m a fan. I recently reached out to him to be a feature, because I love his work and wanted to share it with you all. So, Without further ado.

Meet The Talented Raheem Pounds. Raheem has been creating art for about 15 years. For Raheem being creative is the freedom of expressing oneself, and Art is his form of freedom. “I was never really good with my words so I was always better at showing people then telling them. It became my way of communicating with others and expressing what I feel strongly about. I have always been really good at art and it helped me stay out of trouble, because when I was a kid I would get into a lot of fights and art calmed me down.” -R.Pounds.

As someone who creates art as well, I was curious to know when did he decided that he absolutely had to share his art with the world. That moment came to him during his last to years of undergrad at THE Illustrious, North Carolina Central University. Raheem was preparing to enter law school, When a meeting with this Mentor Dr. Beverly McIver changed his mind.” She asked me did I really want to go to law school. I said no, I told her I wanted to teach as a professor like her. That is the reason why I attend Savannah College of Art and Design now for Graduate school.” – R. Pounds.

When admiring someone’s work, I look for a piece of the artist, what I mean by this is that I look for the connection between the artist and what’s being expressed. My favorite pieces of art would have to be the abstract category, because it convey expressing ideas rather than events. Raheem’s work is expressionistic in nature with the idealism of contemporary art. His work is very versatile, it can be realistic or very abstract. It depends on what ideas are behind the piece of work that He’s making. With being artistic, one may encounter creative blocks. So, I asked Raheem what keeps him going? ” What keeps me going is my mom she always believe in me no matter what and even though she is not alive now I just think back to a time when she had faith in me when I did not have it in myself so when ever I get to a place where I begin to doubt myself I just think back to how she pushed me.” – R. Pounds

Art has a multitude of mediums, and it’s only natural for a creative spirit to explore them. One medium Raheem would like to explore next is performance art. I know a thing or two about performing arts, My advice to you (Raheem) is to, Explore and expand on pieces that you feel with your soul, those are the ones that will feel natural and people will appreciate the most. His advice to those just starting out is: “go all in fight for your passion because it is needed to be successful I know at times it will get hard but don’t give up because it’s hard fight More because it’s worth it”.

Fun Fact: Raheem has donated 5 painting to North Carolina Central University.

You can keep up with Raheem and his work at the following:
Social media

twitter: RaheemPounds

Instagram: rahpounds

Tumblr: raheempounds

Guitarist: Paco Black

I’ve known Paco for a while now and he’s a Dope guitarist and producer. So I decided to interview him the other day, because I see how passionate he is about his art. Paco has been playing the guitar for 3 1/2 years now, he’s biggest inspiration is a guitar player by the name of Jairus Mozee, who had the privilege of playing with Janet Jackson And Prince at the age of 18, Mozee is now Lil Wayne’s lead guitarist. Paco said “seeing him at the Lil Wayne concert in 2013 made me want to go hard,I knew exactly what I wanted in that moment.

Before, I only want to be a producer but he made me want to become more than just a guitar player.” So, I then asked “What keeps you motivated”? Because I know that career path can be a little intimidating to some. Going to concerts and seeing his friends play with artist keeps him motivated to keep pursing his dreams no matter what. With, that being said it’s a must that I ask how does he want to impact the world, because whatever you do there’s someone watching you and admiring your process. He wants to bring something different to the table and to bring leadership back, because, it’s too many followers. Also to inspire people the way others have inspired, and create a new way for kids in the way Jimi Hendrix done for him.

His advice for anyone interested in playing and instruments is to Touch your instrument every day even if it’s for 30 minutes find someone who you like and watch them learn from them but make it your own re-created there are no rules just have fun and love what you do. Be sure to catch Paco 🎸 on the no sleep just dreams tour, this Saturday, February 20th at the Fillmore in Washington DC with Chrisette Michele and Jay Guns. For all inquiries please email that BlackPaco92@gmail.com also follow him on Instagram at @TheRealPacoB


I met Josh in the Spring 2013 semester of my freshman year of college and he’s by Far the most unique person I’ve ever known. Not only is Josh a dope Graphic Designer, he now has a clothing line; LIVE Free Apparel. Originally this line was intended exclusively for him, because he wanted the clothes he wears to represent the idealism of freedom. After talking with a few of his peers, he was persuaded to start an actual clothing line for those who support the notion and idea of living free. Which, means you are striving to live to your full potential by freeing yourself of hate, self-doubt, pain and prejudice. With all of this being said I asked Josh, what his mission is and who inspired him? “True freedom starts inside yourself. Free yourself of the shackles of doubt, self hate, malice, miseducation put upon you by society. Reach back to your roots, wake up and unlock your true potential…..Live free. My father is my biggest inspiration because he does everything that he can to be successful and he has become a success story and I aspire to be just like him.”- Josh Efik. LIVE Free Apparel, it’s a liberation movement for people of color, groups of people who have been persecuted and anyone who can identify with the need for personal freedom. Join the movement and support a Black Owned Business http://www.grefikdesigns.com/ also Make sure you follow Josh on Instagram @ajamu_ for updates and to enter his current giveaway for a free sweatshirt.