Jae Breeze

Meet Jae Breeze a down to earth Artist from Littleton, NC (252). “. I set the bar and challenge myself and others with everything that I do. As an artist, I can describe myself as the future of the new wave. I say that because of my unique style and effort to make music that’s relatable to the listener. As an artist, if you don’t have a connection with the listener, then they will not listen to what you have to say.”

Writing since 2008 and recording since 2011, Jae Breeze is inspired and motivated by the reactions of his listeners. Music impacts everyone’s lives at some point where it’s for a quick turn up or the lyrics hit home for whatever you’re going through at the time, as an artist creating something that is authentic makes consumers of your work appreciative, in turn inspiring them and allowing them to relate to you as they see themselves. Jae Breeze exemplifies to a T, “The reaction from the listeners keeps me going, along with my family. When you have that type of support system behind you 100 percent, you must be motivated by that. When God sees that potential in you and creates new paths towards it, you’re supposed to keep going through the motivation you just received.”

I appreciate when artists are vulnerable and truthful in their music, it shows that they’re human and they may have gone through some tough times but they grew from it in most cases, Jae Breeze is one of those artist that is true to himself and translate within his music, I support that to the fullest listening to his music gives off great vibes. “I want my music to impact the world to a sense where more people will be moved and motivated to tell there “TRUE” story behind their music. I specified “TRUE” the way I did because I feel like artists, especially the ones in the area, feel as if they must live a lie to get by. If that was the case, then there would be no Jae Breeze, no Jo$hua Sheeran, etc. Once you choose the route you want to take with your music, you have to continue to walk it.” “The ‘Breeze’ behind Jae explains it all. I’m giving your that wavy, smooth type of sound that’s not going to go unnoticed. The true stories, events, lyricism, and metaphors are the things that makes up my musical sound.”

The music industry is a vast one full of different sounds, artist etc. personally the industry/consumers doesn’t know what it’s missing until its created and heard. By missing I mean when I hear a song that’s not what I usually hear on the radio constantly, I always asking myself “where has this been”, “I miss this sound/type/style of music”, “I need more of this. Hearing artist with distinctive and different sounds is refreshing and greatly appreciated. Commercial or mainstream Hip-Hop is cool for turn up occasions but I for one love great lyricism throughout a song. “Personally, I don’t feel like its missing anything. It’s more like what we have lost, because whatever is missing has already happened before in the music industry. I feel like we have lost Hip-Hop. We can’t even say that today’s music is real hip-hop. The only thing that I hear now a day are repetitive lyrics, catchy hooks and beats. Where are the lyrics within the verses? They make no sense like many artists do not take time out no more to take pride in their pen skills. I want my music to bring that type of feel back, to where the listeners will remember more than your hook.”

Within the next five years you can expect for Jae Breeze to still create music and expanding outside of the music to a food business in which he has already started called ‘The Craving Pit’ with a friend and brother. “We’re a chicken wings food business that applies different sauces to the wings to add to the crispy, tasty texture of the wing itself. I also see myself having a career still with the music because the love for it will never die. But, as an artist, I see myself expanding my talents beyond the music and that’s where my food business comes into play. I like to eat, but I love to cook.” Make sure you all keep bumping his music and order some food (I need a plate asap), follow Jae Breeze on all social media too stay updated on any performances and releases.

INSIDE EXCLUSIVE: Jae Breeze is currently working on a new project for the wintertime entitled ‘Intuition’ and the first single “Money Problems will be re-dropping, along with the premiere video for it during the summertime. Stay tuned for the new vibes.

Advice from Jae Breeze: Create your own craft and sound. Be your own artist and push that pen. Honestly, because I love lyrics and if your bars are great, I’m a fan.

Social Media:

Instagram – @therealjaebreeze

Twitter – @musikisinmysoul

Snapchat – @jaebreeze



Apple Music: https://itun.es/us/fqThjb


Spinrilla: https://spinrilla.com/mixtapes/jae-breeze-4u


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Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/jae-nccu-turner


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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jae.n.turner


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/therealjaebreeze/?hl=en


Ced Brown


Meet Cedric “Ced” Brown, Former member of Local (Charlotte, NC) group Dozer Crew. “My stage name is a big part of who I am as a junior to my father but also as an individual I am myself. I like for my music to carry the weight of my emotions I am dealing with during that particular time period”.

When you’re doing what you love, you may begin to subconsciously compare the ground work you’ve put in, to that of someone else who started literally the same place as you. Ced found himself in this position, however he kept pressing forward. “Some of my biggest inspirations with music were my old group mates. There were times when I wanted to quit because of the lack of growth I had compared to the other two who started the same time as myself. They helped push me to where I am now”. “My motivation to keep going is my own son. There’s so much beautiful music in the world and even if I don’t make it big. I want him to know that I wasn’t half-hearted trying just for a quick come up.” – Ced Brown

In my opinion being an artist is about nurturing your passion, creating your art and sharing it with the world no matter how it’s perceived by the people. You honestly never know how much your art can impact someone until you put it out there for it to be received. Ced said something that will stick with me for a lifetime! ” My music cannot impact the world unless it impacts myself first. I’ve had fleeting moments where I thought “this is it” but quickly second guessed it. So I don’t know how I want it to impact the world til I feel that impact myself“. What I take from this is the simple message of “how does this make me feel personally?”. In the time that you take to nurture your passion ask yourself how does (insert your art) impact your life? And you can thank Ced Brown for sharing light on a question some rarely ask themselves.

Throughout the next 5 years, Ced will dabble in Production and engineering, while putting the finishing touches on his first album entitled Re:Member/[Untitled], an EP He’s working on soon after with a close friend named FKA Denim. Until the release of his album you all can check out his previous work strictly at the links below also follow him on social media:

Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/mellowtoo_hype
Instagram: http://instagram.com/mellowtoo_hype
Snapchat: Mellowtoo_hype

Advice from Ced Brown:
Whatever happens, do not stop doing whatever it is you want to do. You’ll regret it for the rest of your life. If you don’t have regrets, you never wanted it that badly.”

Ahmir “AMET Ricky” Vines

I’ve gotten the chance to preview “Hiatus” by AMET Ricky before the album was released on March 30th, and I’ve been listening to it ever since! I appreciate artist who has the ability to “leave it all on the track”, creating a sense of connection between them and the listeners.

“As an artist, I’m an individual and an innovator. I create honest music that people can relate to. I feel like our generation is so wrapped up in being “lit” and “turning up”, that we forget about the music that gets us through the reality, and the issues that come when the turn up is over. My music speaks to those times. I’m young, but I’ve been through a lot. I think the reason why people respect me as an artist so much is because I’m so real about my life experiences.” – AMET Ricky

You never know how much impact you may have over someone’s life, by just sharing your story through whatever vessel you choose. Sparking conversations that, in my opinion are lost in my generation. We as a whole tend to shy away from certain topics such as the LGBT community and for me AMET Ricky is bridging the gap in conversation through music. “I like to call my music unveiling, meaning, I want it to cause controversy and spark the conversations that people have been afraid to have. My image alone is groundbreaking. How many openly transgender rappers can you name? Now out of those rappers, how many are transmen? Exactly. Whether it’s discussing my life as a part of the LGBT community, abuse, relationships, or neglect, I want my music to help people who are going through some of the same things I have.”

“My biggest inspiration is life. In my music, you can hear some of my pain from things that I’ve gone through. Although they were hard, they made me better. My ultimate inspiration is my niece, Giselle. Because of family issues, she was taken away at a young age, and no one has been able to see her for years. Every time I think about music, I think about her, and how she reminded me so much of myself. She was funny, loved to sing and dance, and would love for me to rap to her. My ultimate goal is to become so successful that there’s no way that she can be kept from me, because everywhere she will go she will hear my name or see my brand. One day I want to bring her home to me and give her the life that she’s been missing.” Honestly I get inspired by seeing people follow and conquer their dreams, AMET Ricky is truly inspiring me without knowing it. Although this interview was conducted via Email I want to thank you for living your truth and for being a feature, continue to put out great music and growing you brand!

Advice from AMET Ricky to anyone wanted to get into Music : “The best thing that I can tell anyone that wants to go into the music industry is to believe in yourself, don’t take no for an answer, and to be smart with your decisions. Although there are great people in the industry, there are also those who may try to take advantage of your talents. You have to watch who you trust with your art. Remember that it’s called the music business for a reason, it’s 80% business and 20% music, so always think with your head when making decisions. Most importantly, make great music!”

Within the next 5 years stay tuned for Films, model campaigns and of course great music. Until then catch performances by AMET Ricky : • May 19th at The Shed in Durham, NC.
• Springboard South Festival in Houston, Texas from June 23-27th.

You can also purchase “Hiatus” from the following: https://m.soundcloud.com/ametnation
Listen to Hiatus by AMET Ricky

Social media:
Twitter: @AMETRicky
Instagram: @2AMRicky
Snapchat: @VMETArry

Fun Facts: • Favorite song off of the album “Hiatus” is “B.S., With Love”. It features the vocals of J Safina and combines 90’s R&B with modern hip hop. I’ve never really heard a feel good heartbreak song until I created that. It tells a real story, of how my ex broke my heart, and the conversations we never had. The hook, “I ain’t gotta lie for you, cry for you, ride or die, or even get high for you”, was my interpretation of my ex’s feelings and true intentions. Everyone always asks me what the “B.S.” in “B.S., With Love” stands for, and it’s actually her initials. That song was ultimately what helped me get over her because everything that needed to be said, was said in that track.

More J Safina Please !

True story, I heard J Safina before I actually met her. She sung the national anthem at a NCCU Men’s Basketball Game one night and I was like “yessssss”! Little did I know that same night I would meet her at an interest meeting for a pageant. I went back to my dorm and talked with my RA who knew her and she played ‘Venus’. You guys when I tell you that Jazmen has an amazing soulful voice like nothing I’ve ever heard before I truly mean it!

J Safina is an amazing Singer, Songwriter and most importantly she is a Woman, unapologetically. Drawing inspiration from women such as: Erykah Badu, Rihanna and Jill Scott, who all exude strength and confidence in their sexuality with no apologies. J Safina decided to share her life experiences through music. “My music is based on my life and my experiences. I want my music to remind people shit happens. As women, we make decisions–some good, some bad–but you should never be ashamed of those decisions and you should NEVER let anyone else determine your worth.” – J Safina.

In my opinion it takes a great deal of strength to not only go through something, but to make the decision to share with the world. Especially if you’re a private person, Sharing your trials and tribulations reminds people that you’re human. Meaning you go through things that can sometimes change you, and Listening to J Safina’s Newest Album ‘Ultraviolet’, I felt the emotions behind every song. I love when artists are raw and vulnerable, it gives listeners such as myself a sense of Unity of some sort. J Safina definitely does this for me, she’s personable and relatable. Don’t just take my word for it go experience her gift LIVE: Emerald City in Durham, NC on April 7th, 2016 for ULTRAVIOLET LIVE! You can purchase tickets here: ultravioletlive.eventbrite.com .

Before you all go out to see this amazing artist, make sure you download Ultraviolet here: jsafina.bandcamp.com ! I love this album aside from Miguel, Ultraviolet is the most played album in my music. So I had to know what Jaz’s favorite song is “It’s hard to choose a favorite because each song has its own special meaning to me. But if I HAD to choose it might be “Breathe.” Simply because of the state of mind I was in when I wrote that song. A lot of my music comes from a very broken time in my life, it was refreshing to finally be happy and in love and to tell everyone about it.”- J Safina. ( I LOVE this song and Horns). To Keep up with J Safina make sure you follow her on social media and in you’re interested in booking/ work with her ‘Serious inquiries only’ you can send her an email : Instagram:@morejayplease_
Twitter: @J_Safina
Snapchat: morejayplease
Email: jsafinamusic@gmail.com

Fun Fact: I wrote my first song when I was 10, I recorded my first song at 16, but I didn’t make the decision to REALLY push my music until I was 19. “JUST DO IT and give it EVERYTHING you’ve got !”

Sha’Meire “$wank” Jackson

I meet Sha’Meire our freshmen year at NCCU and I’ve always been a fan of his music and art, actual I was supposed to be on a track but that’s another story. $wank has been involved with music all of his life, at the tender age of 2 he fell in love with the drums, naturally interest in rapping sparked around the age of 10.

Musically $wank’s biggest inspiration is his father. “He was so open to all kinds of music. Constantly listening to different artist and different types of music has made me the versatile artist I am today. Variety in music is definitely a GREAT thing.” As an artist, $wank often draws from certain life situations as inspiration as well, Making honest and vulnerable records unique to his sound/style and not what popular on the radio. In my opinion artist who are open and vulnerable about certain issues they’ve dealt with, are the ones who impact the world the most. $wank is definitely an artist that I can relate with on so many levels, I can say that we both use different medium to spread positivity and encourage others to follow their dreams no matter what! ” I want my music to impact the world in any positive way possible. From big things like influencing the younger generations to follow their dreams and not settle, to the simple things like helping some one get through a bad day, or deal with a bad break up. At the end of the day I want listeners to walk away from my music with some sort of positive message.” – $wank.

Stay tuned within the next 5 years because $wank WILL be a creative visionary, who dedicated each day to his passion reaping the benefits of his career! In the meantime support this amazing artist on this journey. You all can download his albums and watch for his new project #InDueTime 👀 :

audiomack.com and on soundcloud.

Instagram: swank_heem
Twitter: mynameis_hov

Fun Fact: “My favorite song would have to be “XXI” from my latest project “XXI Years”. That song literally describes my journey with music from the beginning until now. Very detailed about my life and things i went through to get where I am now.” – $wank

*My favorite $wank Albums are definitely LA and XXI Years.*

New Producer: Joshua Sparks

Meet New Producer, Joshua Sparks. He started teaching himself the ends and out of engineering sound 1 year ago, when a friend gave him the software for FL Studio. Joshua draws motivation from His father who used to make music, Metro Boomin and the people who once said his music sucked, are now telling him that he’s getting me, he’s using this as inspiration to keep pursuing production.

The Thing that sets Joshua apart from other producers is his perspective on the way he hears sounds, because of his hearing problems. Rather than viewing it as a disability he views is as power. I had the pleasure of listening to some of his beats and I’m throughly impressed, I for one hate hearing the same type of beats on the radio. It’s always refreshing hearing a new sound.

The mental tools Joshua has learned in order to be successful in this industry is to stay positive, remain focus and being positive. Advice for those just starting out ” Advice for those who trying to produce… Be patience, keep working on your crafts, and never give up. When it starts to get hard, embrace it cause it’s only a challenge, you got more to come.” – Joshua.

Within in the next 5 years, Josh wants to be in Atlanta by then too working with future, thug and others. Until then he’ll be perfecting his craft and working with independent artists. If you want to create with him, you can reach him at: joshuasparks51@yahoo.com
Soundcloud: https://m.soundcloud.com/sparks30

#YIKES “Caly Cal”

You all may know him as “Caly Cal” a southern hip hop artist, but I know him as “Keeeev” a good friend I met in college. Kev reached out and being a supporter of his music it was only right to feature him. “Caly Cal” have been into music since he was 7 years old mostly writing, he didn’t start recording until he was 13.

Drawing inspiration from his life struggle, and Listening to artist such as TI, Wu-Yang Clan, J. Cole, Wale and Dom Kennedy just want to name a few. Molded him into an artist that lives his life through his artistry, meaning if he’s going through something you’re more than likely to hear in a song, not only speaks for himself, but also speaks to those who can relate.

“Caly cal” wants to continuously create enjoyable inspirational music that people can feel. I personally believe that every song carries a vibe and it’s let up to the consumer (us) to catch it for what it is and not what we want it to be, I think this how “Caly Cal” wants his music to impact the universe. So, I asked Kev where did he see himself with the next 5 years or so, ” Within the Next five years, I can see myself working in a major situation by then, and also all my business ventures will be off the ground up and running. Even though I am doing the independent route right now eventually if the major deal is worth it as far as it benefiting me in the long run then I will definitely take the opportunity.I need to pay my college loans off by then too lol.” – “Caly Cal”. If you every make a diss record towards Sallie Mae, PUT ME ON THE TRACK lol.

Speaking of tracks, I was curious to know what his favorite song is out of his entire body of work “This is a difficult question because all my songs represent different elements of my life so depending on my mood, would depend on if a song would be my favorite or not. I will say my top two songs would be Watch Me Do My Thang & #Roll1Light1. Both of those songs are singles on two different projects, but they both brought me notoriety as far as the music scene along with other things of course. Two completely different tracks, but they both served their purposes.”

Keep Grinding and you’ll achieve you dreams. To stay updated on show dates follow Caly Cal on Twitter and Instagram at: @YIKESCalyCal. To download and listen to his music click the links below:

Jerm Scorsese

I’ve been waiting for this feature since ‘Feature Friday’s’ was created. Jerm Scorsese is an amazing producer, engineer and one half of The Kingdom (crosses fingers for future feature).

Scorsese has been into music his entire life, he’s played the drums and saxophone until the age of 15. In 8th grade he received a 1st prize plaque for a musical composition he wrote for the band, Although he didn’t participate in band throughout high school, one remained the same, His love for hip hop. Jerm’s Father had an extensive hip hop collection with artists and groups such as: Jay Z, Nas, De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, just to name a few. So, the infatuation with hip hop came naturally. It wasn’t until he was 16 when a friend who introduced him to Fruity Loops (a computer program that allows you to create your own music) which led to his interest in making his own beats. With anything new you have to have fun with it, until you come to a point where you want to be a little more serious.

After several years of making beats off and on as a hobby, Jerm begun taking producing music seriously in 2013 when he started working with hip hop artist King Draft. The thing that keeps Scorsese motivated is being confident in his abilities, he’s a strong believer in the ideology of Hardwork + Talent = Results; also knowing that this could become a means to provide for his family one day.” It can be nerve-wrecking thinking about putting something that you’ve created out into the world for people to either rip apart in hatred or enjoy with love, but as time goes by you realize you just have to make sure you do the best you can and if you’re truly happy with the quality of your product, then that’s all that matters at the end of the day.” – Scorsese. I couldn’t agree more with this, that’s exactly how I felt about putting out my blog, then I realized that I’m different from most bloggers, and I am very confident that people will receive my content in the way that I imagined.

With that being said, I wanted to know what Jerm felt separated him from other producers. “I really haven’t seen too many producers on the independent level focused on building relationships with artists and creating bodies of work from the ground up. That’s something I pride myself in doing and I feel like the end result of that relationship is typically a better final product. Unfortunately, it’s most likely the financial aspect that gets in the way of developing that relationship between other producers and artists. Being focused on the money instead of the art will hinder your progress as an artist in any industry.” -Scorsese.

When listening to a song that Jerm produced you can feel the difference in sounds, it’s not crafted to sound like what’s popular on the radio, It feels original/true to himself and the artist. Within the next 5 years, Scorsese hopes to achieve his goal of “raising the quality and standard of urban music; while keeping in mind that patience is probably the most important thing and success in any field doesn’t happen overnight; you have to be disciplined enough to keep pushing and instill in your mind that you can only fail if you give up!!!”

For anyone wanting to produce as well, here’s some advice from Scorsese: “Just do it. Don’t sit around with the mentality of feeling like you need a certain piece of equipment or software to do good work. These days, all you really need is a laptop. Put the time into learning whatever it is you can get your hands on and you’ll be on your way.” Jerm just finished up J Safina’s album Ultraviolet that was released last month, now he’s focused on King Draft and hopefully will be dropping his next album with the next 2 months or so.

I have both of The Kingdom’s albums and J Safina’s album, and I promise you that the production plus the lyricism is AMAZING! If you don’t have their albums please go get them you won’t be disappointed. You can check them out at http://thekingdommusic.bandcamp.comand http://jsafina.bandcamp.com/releases

For artist who are interested in creating with Scorsese you can contact him at: jermscorsese.music@gmail.com also Twitter @JermScorsese and Instagram @JermScorsese

Suru formerly known as “The Humble”

Free styling and writing poetry and songs since middle and high school. He didn’t actually start recording until college because sports were also a part of his life, but the passion was still there. If you’re curious like me, you’re probably thinking why the name Suru? & What does it mean? Well in his native language Suru means patience. “I am going to take my time, because I want my success in the future to last forever and art not just music is the way I express myself.” -Suru. Through art you can inspire the masses, So it was only right to as him what inspires him to create his art. His mom who is a singer is what got him into music, and Jamie Foxx is his biggest inspiration right now industry wise; But he draws from everyday life, something so simple as a quote from a documentary can spark a lyric in his head and that inspires a song. Suru wants people to listen to his music and feel what he felt when he made the song or interpret something from it that will inspire them to do what they love as well. Which I feel is amazing to have an artist who creates art that inspires me as well as the universe. So, within the next 5 years you can catch Suru and his production company in his favorite position… At the Top, CEO! (Lol that’s my fave as well) but until then keep up with him, his music and photography. Soundcloud, Insta @___suru___ , twitt @__suru___ , tumblr : |http://humblebody.tumblr.com/ | , VSCO | http://vsco.co/thesuru | Youtube | https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeW0ZtJY-gepIXgbvkfEhpQ |
*my Favorites are Feel Me,Mind Over Matter, You’re Not*

Vinnie Dangerous

I first met Vinnie my freshman year of college. To me he was just Vinnie the RA in my building, little did I know he was much more than someone who made sure we didn’t prop the side doors. Vinnie D is a hip hop artist, Repping Fayetteville, NC he’s been rapping since the tender age of 7. His parents inspired him the most, with his dad being a rapper as well and his mother a published author and poet, he also draw inspiration from other artist such as OutKast, Kanye, 2 Pac, and T-pain. As you all know everything that you do impacts the word around you be it negative or positive. So, I asked him what type of impact does his want his music to have on the world, “Want to make music for people who forget their human. People that feel like they cannot be themselves or make mistakes because that’s what humans do. I’m being myself in my music; I’m being honest, authentic and unique like every single person on the planet is” – Vinnie Dangerous. Within the next few 5 years you can catch Vinnie Dangerous selling out Madison Square Garden and touring the world, but until then Follow him on social media and visit his website for updates and new music (my favorite song is I’m Fine) http://www.vinniedangerous.com & you can find him on Twitter @Vinnied92, Instagram @vinniedangerous, or on Facebook facebook.com/vinniedangerous